These New Reels Features Might Add More TikTok Soul To Instagram

These New Reels Features Add More TikTok Soul To Instagram
Image: Meta

Meta is taking a lot of notes from TikTok and implementing many of its features in its products. The revamped social media brand announced several feature additions for Reels for both Instagram and Facebook yesterday. These thoughtful additions attempt to offer more options to creators and, in turn, drive engagement to the platform.

As per Meta, these new updates will make it easier to make and edit Reels and help them get discovered by new audiences. This most noteworthy addition is the Sound Sync feature on Facebook Reels and extending the length of Instagram reels from 60 to 90 seconds.

New Reels Features

Since there are announcements for Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels, we will elaborate on them in individual sections.

Facebook Reels

First, Facebook Reels creators will be able to create and schedule Reels via desktop. Earlier, this feature was confined to iOS and Android apps. However, users can now create, edit, publish, and schedule Facebook Reels from their web browser through Creator Studio.

Apart from that, Meta will also rollout video clipping tools for desktops to clip long-format videos into reels. The clipping feature will be present inside the Creators Studio. Game streamers can automatically convert their streams into a vertical, 60-second format reel content. It will have dual views for both gameplay and creator cam.

Facebook Reels will also get audio tools such as Sound Sync and support for voiceovers. So, creators can shoot an informative Reel and then add voiceover for that 60-second video clip.

Reels Update
Image: Meta

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels will now be 90 seconds long instead of the older 60 seconds time limit. However, the maximum length for Facebook Reels is still capped at 60 seconds. Features of Instagram Stories like a poll, quiz, and emoji slider stickers, are all coming to Reels. These will help viewers engage with content and vice versa.

Creators can also import their favorite audio to reels which must be more than 5 seconds long. Moreover, they will have the option to download the reel as a template they just viewed. More personalization tools are present to alter the reels.

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