IBM’s New Open Source OMR Project Will Boost Python, Ruby, And Other Languages

ibm omr jmv open source project python ruby
ibm omr jmv open source project python ruby


Short Bytes: IBM is taking the parts from its JVM project by separating it from Java and making them usable for any other language runtime. This is being done under a new open source OMR project that will soon boost Python and Ruby languages. 

The OMR project, a new soon-to-be open source project from IBM, will be used to speed up the performance of existing language runtimes. The project imports core components from IBM’s J9 Java Virtual machines and allows them to be reused in other language runtimes.

This internal open source project of IBM is here to create a toolkit for languages and speed up their performance. At the moment, the POC implementations for Python and Ruby are currently in development, and Ruby version is soon to be open-sourced.

The OMR project aims to develop easily reusable and consumable core components for making language runtimes. Notably, the reusable components include the items that are difficult to implement in any one language runtime. More about the project was explained by Mark Stoodley, senior software developer at IBM Canada, at the 2015 JVM Language Summit.

In his presentation, he told that IBM wants to make it easier to maintain the J9 JVM across platforms as due to multiple hardware implementations, maintaining one language is difficult.

A runtime toolkit for many languages

To move ahead, IBM has already selected languages – Ruby and Python – for its first proof-of-concept implementation. InfoWorld writes, “Both have popular implementations — the Ruby MRI and CPython — that are widely used but often outperformed by the JVM and even other interpreters for the same language”. While Ruby implementation will be soon open sourced, there’s no concrete word about Python.

To know more about the OMR project by IBM and its implementation, visit the following GitHub link:

– Ruby + OMR Technology Preview – GitHub

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