Apple CEO Tim Cook: Kids Need To Learn How To Code From Early Age

Tim cook Apple Ceo
Tim cook Apple Ceo

Apple CEO Tim Cook Short Bytes: Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at ‘Hour of Code’ workshop, insists on Kids’ education to be intended more towards coding and computer science concepts. ‘Hour of code’ workshop had a purpose of introducing kids to programming for the first time.

In today’s world, coding has become as important as learning any language to survive while traveling. IQ level of younger generation is increasing along with the new times coming up and so the learning capability of the children. The younger one starts learning, the better they get with time. And, maybe that’s why we see many records being broken at a very young age, although we might not pay attention to it.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, presented this concern while visiting a Manhattan Apple store for an “Hour of Code” class to third-grade students.

In an interview followed by his visit to the Apple store, he also stressed much on compulsory computer-science education which schools do not pay enough attention these days. However, he has great hopes towards and thinks that coding will ultimately become a required class for all kids.

“From an economic standpoint the job segment itself today is huge, but it’s going to become even larger.

According to Cook, if the computer science concepts are introduced at a tender age, in a fun way, it’s more likely that kids will start finding these concepts cool enough to carry them forward as they grow older. Hence, they will stay interested into computer-science and that, on the other hand, will produce larger and more diverse tech workforce down the line.

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He further added that even if kids don’t grow up to get a lucrative job, they’ll surely discover something amazing and interesting enough to pick up important problem-solving skills along the way.

Joann Khan, Kids’ teacher, said that the it was the probably the first time, kids were introduced to coding, noting that their school has no longer a computer lab. The kids participated in a gaming event which was themed on Star Wars. The Star Wars-themed game was created by the non-profit group in partnership with Disney. On iPad Minis, Kids used basic drag-and-drop commands to program their droid to do things like pick up scrap metal and evade Stormtroopers.

The “Hour of Code” workshop was one of many held by Apple Inc. The Main purpose of the “Hour of Code” was to introduce as many students as possible to coding and computer science.

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