Truth Or Egotism? Is Apple First Major Open Source Company?

Apple first major open source company really
Apple first major open source company really

Apple-first-major-open-source-company-really-Short Bytes: Is Apple First Major Open Source company? What does history say about History of Apple in Open sourcing? Know the truth here.

Apple- the cult marketer and orderly immortal, who controls of technology minions living in Apple’s Ghetto, now proclaims that Apple is the first major open source company. Oh! Really? Apple First Major Open Source Company? The servile mindset infused strongly among Apple users do not let them circumvent beyond their own limitations. Now based on these profuse assumptions, Apple proudly announces that it is the first major company to hop on the open source train.

Okay, the time has come to take a look directly at the ground reality. Of course, there is a lot of hype and hoopla in the present but how about taking a dim look into the future? How many of us have read the complete documents published by Apple about open sourcing? Are you fully aware of the licensing terms and conditions? Or just in a single question: Are you really aware of the possibility that Apple is taking advantage of you by open sourcing? For the long past, Apple developers have been best known to use the open source seeds but rarely contributing back in return.

The based example is Mac OS. If you take a look back at the history, OS X is based on Darwin, a BSD Unix which was started back in 1996. Just that smart Steve Jobs picked up some of the best features and micro features from BSD Unix and released Mac OS X.

With the time flying by, Apple kept on shredding away pieces of codes from BSD Unix after each newer version of Mac OS X. The best would have been to encourage developers to work towards Darwin which itself was not a proper working OS then. If there is so much pride in what Apple pronounces, then why Apple has not released the open source code of its recently launched operating system called “El Capitan”.

Image: ZDNet
Image: ZDNet

Is this how Open Source is supposed to work? Or this is just another way of ‘stealing the code’? A legacy Apple has always maintained among its haters. Looking at its mockery now apple changed the wordings:

Open-source software is at the heart of Apple platforms and developer tools, and Apple continues to contribute and release significant quantities of open-source code.

Good that you realized your mistake Apple. We hope, one day, you release your codes in truly “OPEN SOURCE” way.

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