Huawei’s First Foldable Phone Will Also Come With 5G

Huawei foldable phone 5G

In the smartphone industry, two most exciting innovations which are arriving in the year 2019 are – foldable display and 5G network. Both of them have been teasing smartphone users in some way or the other.

But it seems like one company is preparing to rule out all its competitors. Huawei, the second largest phone maker, just confirmed that their first foldable phone would also be their first 5G running phone.

At the World Economic Forum, Huawei Chairman Ken Hu said: “In our first [5G] smartphone we’re going to introduce a foldable screen.”

Hu also highlighted the three major use cases for 5G: faster mobile broadband, lower latency and the Internet of Things.

Samsung, on the other hand, is also getting ready to release its first foldable phone Galaxy F. Samsung’s CEO has already confirmed that that the company will release the device by the end of this year. Although it’s not known whether Samsung foldable device will possess the power of 5G.

Many smartphone companies have come forward talking about their upcoming 5G supported devices. While none has come up an exact date, everyone seems to be talking about 2019 as the year for 5G.

I think it all comes down to “the first one wins.” It is also obvious that the first manufacturer to launch a 5G device will undoubtedly gain up huge initial sales.

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