Huawei Becomes 2nd-Largest Smartphone Maker | Overtakes Apple


It’s official! Huawei has overtaken Apple into becoming the world second-largest smartphone maker, according to a report by Gartner.

The Q2 2018 report states – Huawei has sold around 49,846 million devices, i.e., taking up 13.3% smartphone market share. While on the other hand, Apple has only managed to sell 44,715 million devices grabbing a total of 11.9% market share.

“The sales of smartphones to end users grew 2% in the quarter, to reach 374 million units,” said Gartner.

Huawei Sales report

As one can notice in the report, both Samsung (being in the leading position) and Apple have lost the overall market share, with a shortfall of 3.3% and 0.2%, compared to the year-ago quarter.

While, Huawei is rapidly increasing it’s after sales, from 9.8% (35,964 mn) in the previous year to the present, 13.3 %.

Anshul Gupta, Gartner research director, said “Huawei continues to bring innovative features into its smartphones and expand its smartphone portfolio to cover larger consumer segments,”

He also points out that the demand for iPhone X has come down. This certainly looks like the case since Chinese manufacturers like Huawei continue to release new phones over the year, while Apple or Samsung sticks to few launches.

Now, the Huawei sales hike might only go for a short while since Apple again will be coming up with a new iPhone line in September. And on the other hand, Google is also getting ready for another round of Pixel smartphones.

Also, remember that this report doesn’t count the Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 9 sales, which would be interesting to see in the next report, given the hype it created.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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