GTA Remastered Trilogy Faces Critical Problems: Bugs, Crashes, Mods

gta remastered trilogy launch

Just after the much-anticipated release of the GTA remastered trilogy, Rockstar has removed the games from PC. Many fans who were waiting patiently for the collection are left disappointed seeing the games filled with bugs and crashes.

PC gamers have made countless complaints due to being unable to start the remastered version of GTA 3, Vice City, or San Andreas because the games immediately crash on startup. Rockstar Games has temporarily stopped the sale of the GTA remastered trilogy via the official Rockstar Launcher on PC.

However, the console versions of the games are also facing problems. These included frame rates drop, asynchronous dialogues, and cut-scenes cutting short. Some fans of the GTA games have also pointed out the weird-looking weather effects and remastered models of the characters.

This is not all as Rockstar Games faces a multitude of problems. The developer’s servers were down for almost a day making GTA Online and RDR Online inaccessible. The server is working again at the time of the writing, but GTA remastered trilogy is still unavailable. According to the developer, they are removing some files that were unintentionally included in the games.

Rockstar not fixing GTA Remastered Trilogy

The only reason they pulled it down only from PC was not to fix it but to stop people from accessing these files. This is quite a disappointment as fans were hoping to see some improvements after these fixes. This is in addition to some missing elements from the original games, such as cheat codes and iconic music tracks. Meanwhile you can check out our article on list of best gta game for android here!

Rockstar removes modding

Rockstar Games has also removed modding support for the original games. Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, has also threatened legal action against modders for GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. This means that mods that improve the original game or add extra content to it are no longer available.

Due to the legal threat, many modders have voluntarily taken down their work. This all seems to be a way for Rockstar to drive players to buy the official remasters, despite the games being filled with bugs, crashes, and weird textures.

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