iPadOS 16 Comes With Advanced Multi-tasking, Stage Manager, and More

iPadOS 16 are compatible
Image Credit: Apple

During the annual WWDC event, we have seen a lot of fresh introductions and updates in the Apple ecosystem. iPadOS 16 now has some new features aimed at improving multitasking and collaboration.

Let us briefly look into these updates and see how they will improve the overall user experience.


The new collaboration feature in iPadOS 16 assists users in connecting and working in groups. This feature will help you communicate with your colleagues on apps like iWork suite and Safari. You can share documents and media files with your group in this new feature of iPadOS 16. 

The collaboration feature is not only limited to sharing docs and files, but you can also share data from Notes, Reminders, Pages, and Safari to the group. You will be notified when any changes are made by a group member in the shared document. 


This new feature is again a great helping hand in the collaboration process. Freeform is a virtual whiteboard that team members can use to note the highlights from the team brainstorming session.

Also, you can drop documents and media files like photos and videos on the virtual whiteboard. You can use the Apple Pencil to write down your notes on the whiteboard. 

Stage Manager

The next update on iPadOS 16 is Stage Manager. With this feature, you can resize windows and a visible dock that will easily assist you in accessing other apps. The best part of this feature is that you can connect an external display with your iPad to work on dual screens at a time.

Stage Manager will help you work with 8 apps when you connect an external display, 4 on an iPad and 4 on the external display.

Mail App updates

iPadOS 16 has useful new features that can smoothen the mail sending task. The mail app will remind you if you have missed adding any recipient or attachment in your mail.

Also, you cancel messages and schedule emails based on your requirement. The new updates in the mail app give you an enhanced view of the shared content and contact list.

Compatibility Of iPad OS 16

All the above-mentioned updates of iPadOS 16 are compatible with the iPad 5th generation and later, iPad Mini 5th generation and later, along with iPad Air 3rd generation and later devices. 

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