Leak Says GTA 6 Release Date Might Get Revealed In A Few Days

Leak Says GTA 6 Release Date Might Get Revealed In A Few Days

There are a lot of leaks and rumors on the release date of GTA 6. One of those rumor speculates that GTA 6 release date might get announced in a few days in March.

This leak came from a trusted leakster who leaked the information about Red Dead Redemption 2 before it was released.

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated titles of this century so far. There’s no doubt that Rockstar is working on the title for very long. However, we haven’t heard any word on Grand Theft Auto 6 from the company.

That much excitement and desperation to see a game makes people search for any clue in all sorts of places. Especially now, when the hardware details of PS5 and Xbox series X has been announced, the rumors for the release of GTA 6 are on the rise.

In GTA Forums, a leakster knows as “gonnaenodaethat” speculates that GTA 6 will be announced in March. In addition to that, some leaks even claimed that GTA 6 teaser trailer might drop on March 25.

Is GTA 6 Release Date Really Getting Announced In March?

With the reveal of hardware details of next-gen consoles, it’s normal for fans to think that GTA 6 will get announced pretty soon.

There’s a high possibility that GTA 6 release date will get announced within 2020. However, it’s highly unlikely that the game will get announced within days.

Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, are in no rush to release GTA 6. The company is still making an incredible amount of money from GTA 5 Online. So, they’ll only reveal anything about GTA 6 when they are really close to perfecting the game.

About the leaks, well, there are only a few days to find out if the leaks, claiming that GTA 6 release date will get announced in March, are actually true or not.

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