GTA 6 Trailer Might Drop Within A Month Because A Leak Says So


Soon enough, we might see GTA fans, including me, taking to the streets demanding Rockstar Games to reveal something about GTA 6. I know that that would not make any impact because Rockstar has decided to torture us slowly by not letting anything out in the open.

The only thing that’s keeping GTA fans alive is a giant pit of all the juicy leaks and rumors. And one such rumor, which speculates that we might see the GTA 6 trailer within a month or two, is ready to suck you right in the infinite loop of hope and heartbreak.

Lissenhereyadonkey, a Reddit user, claims that her friend who works in the music licensing industry cleared a rap song for Rockstar Games. Now, where possibly could Rockstar Games use a rap song?

If you’re thinking GTA 6, then you’re as desperate for the game as I am. Don’t worry, being desperate is not always a bad thing.

Grand theft auto 6 is going to revealed soon from GTA6

The rap song in question is Black Locks by the rapper Young Dolph. Most people are excited just by the idea that Rockstar might be working on the GTA 6 trailer.

On the other hand, some people think that this particular rap song is more suited for Formula F1 Racing DLC. For instance, one such person said that “listening to something like this in a GTA 6 Teaser will be poop.” Also, a lot of people think that if we are really going back to the 80s in Vice City, then using this song would be a mistake.

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However, according to the leakster, Rockstar only intends to use the instrumental version of the song. So, if the instrumental goes well with the GTA 6 theme, then who the hell cares about lyrics.

If there’s the slightest chance that this rumor is true, then GTA 6 trailer might drop sooner than you expect. That’s because, according to the leakster, companies contact her for clearance about a month before a trailer goes public.

But if there isn’t any truth to this leak, then my best wishes and prayers will be with the disappointed GTA fans. I hope you’ll wish the same for me as well.


Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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