‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ New Trailer Shows Off The Power Of Gohan

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” New Trailer Shows Off The Power Of Gohan
Image Credit: Toei

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ is an upcoming anime film and the next canon installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. It has been a while since the Broly movie and Dragon Ball fans simply cannot wait for this new one to come and quench their thirst for this awesome franchise.

And while we wait, the creators will continue to tease us with previews and sneak peeks. Here we have the latest one which focuses mostly on Gohan and what he will be like in the new movie. You can watch it yourself down below.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero New Trailer


The trailer starts off with a few small scenes of Goku, Pan, Vegeta, and more. Then we move onto the scene of Gohan powering up which we had already seen in previous trailers. But this is the complete version where we see him go into his Ultimate form. After that, we get more action scenes which even shows off a few teen Trunks and Goten. All this leads to a spectacular power-up scene of Gohan which ends too soon.

While we’re talking about classic franchises getting new installments, “Spriggan” is another that comes to mind. The classic action manga is finally getting an anime adaptation for Netflix. If you’re interested, learn more about it from our article right here.

What is ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ about?

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” New Trailer Shows Off The Power Of Gohan
Image Credit: Toei

The film takes place right after the Broly movie. Goku and Vegeta seem to be training with Broly himself on Beerus’s planet when unbeknownst to them, a new threat has appeared. The Red Ribbon Army is back, and with them, they have two powerful androids, the superheroes Gamma -1 and Gamma – 2.

So without Goku and Vegeta, someone else will have to save the earth. And it looks like that will fall to none other than Gohan and Piccolo. Along with a very different plot than usual, the film even looks a lot different. The creators are trying a new CGI style, which from what we have seen looks absolutely stunning. But whether it can hold up to the classic style is something we will have to wait and find out.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero release date

After seeing some delay due to hackers, the film is now set for release in Japanese theatres on June 11, 2022. And unlike most anime movies, this one will see a global theatrical release by Crunchyroll later in summer 2022 as well.

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