ECMAScript 2017: The Latest Version Of JavaScript Language Is Here

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Short Bytes: The ECMA International has released the eight edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification. Some of the new features supported by this specification are String padding, Object.entries, etc. You can find the complete ECMAScript 2017 specifications on ECMA International’s website.

Followed by ECMAScript 2016, the ECMA International has approved ECMAScript 2017, which is the latest edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification. JavaScript, which is based on ECMAScript, has become the language of the web and it was recently reflected in a recent survey conducted by JetBrains.

Before going ahead and telling you more about this specification release, let me tell you that it shouldn’t be called ES8. The ES naming convention was changed with ES6, which was renamed to ECMAScript 2015.

Back to ECMAScript 2017. This is the eighth edition of the ECMA Language Specification and marks the second release after the changed release schedule in 2015.

Some of the new features in ECMAScript 2017 are Object.values, String padding, Async functions, Exponentiation Operator, etc. You can read more about these features (and more) in this article on Medium.

In the next edition, i.e., ECMAScript 2018, we can expect to see Private fields, Async interaction, etc.

You can find the complete ECMAScript 2017 specifications here.

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