Google Wallet Launched With Google Pay And Virtual Card Features

Google Wallet Launched With Google Pay And Virtual Card Features
image credit: google

Google launched the Google Wallet the I/O 2022. The company made an announcement to bring back the wallet app where users can manage payment cards, gift cards, rewards cards, passes, and more.

The wallet was once a standalone app. However, it later got folded into google pay. Although it might serve the purpose of Google is making it a separate app again. Pushing consumers and companies towards digital cards. It is looking to replace the physical wallets in your pockets in the near future.

What purpose would the Google wallet serve?

With digital payment getting popular every day, Google aims to virtualize physical wallets. Google Wallet will be a standalone app that you use to store and manage your debit and credit cards on Android. You’ll be able to use it across platforms in the Google ecosystem. Apps like Google pay will be completely integrated.

However, Google plans to do much more than that. Along with storing credit and reward cards, the app would be a place to store much more important documentation. Things like Government ID, Proof of vaccination, Driver’s license, and even car keys can be stored.

The company claimed they have already been working with governments all over the world to incorporate state IDs into google wallet. It was described as a “secure digital credential store” – That being said, Android already has the underlying technical support to store your ID securely on a phone. This is coming “later this year.”

Google emphasized highly on the security of the app. Companies and organizations want to provide users with a way to store their info digitally, and Google Wallet will be one of the places they can do that. Are you excited about it? and how does it compare to Google Pay? Share your thoughts down below.

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