Twitter Designed A Game And It’ll Give You A Migraine In 10 Minutes

Twitter Designed A Game And It'll Give You A Migraine In 10 Minutes
Image: Twitter

Twitter launched a new game to teach you about its privacy policies and best practices. The game is titled Data Dash. However, the game design is anything but intuitive and is difficult to follow through.

Twitter made changes to its privacy policies recently and launched a copypasta policy to combat tweet duplication and misinformation. The popular social media platform is trying hard to improve the quality of content.

What is the new Twitter game about?

Twitter released a game called Data Dash to teach you about its new privacy policies. The game also helps you understand how Twitter uses your data for improving itself. Your fingers may be itching to play a new game but you may be surprised by it.

It is a web-based 2D game designed by pixel artist and game developer Momo Pixel. While we didn’t expect the game to be something out of the box, it feels difficult to play in the first level itself.

You start as a player who needs to walk their dog safely through the level. You need to do this while dodging ads, steering clear of spammy DMs, and evading Twitter trolls. The dog’s name is Data and the game is set in the fictional city titled “PrivaCity”.

Certainly, a good spin on words but the game isn’t that intuitive. It is a constant state of jumping here and there with no clear indication of where to go or what to collect.

Twitter game
Image: Twitter

After you complete each level, you learn something about the data collection, usage, and privacy policy of Twitter. The game is available in multiple languages: namely English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

More about Twitter Privacy Policies

With Data Dash, Twitter is trying to simplify the way using which users can learn about the policies. The game is far from good but is a great attempt by Twitter to help its users understand the new rules and platform guidelines. Compared to other privacy policies which are full of jargon and difficult words, this game is a lot better to make users aware.

Elon Musk’s buyout happened fast and Twitter is already in turmoil. Such attempts can help restore faith in the platform. Have you tried the Twitter Data Dash game yet? Is it really helpful in teaching privacy policies and guidelines? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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