Google Chrome Is Working To Prevent Back Button Hijacking In Browser

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We all have been in a situation where we are stuck on a shady website that hits us with a barrage of ads and suspicious content. And no matter how many times you hit the back button, you remain trapped.

This annoying issue is called “history manipulation” which is done by websites to prevent from you going back to the original page where you began.

It is accomplished by inserting multiple dummy pages into your browser’s history which leaves Chrome confused. This problem was first detected in 2016 by the Google Chrome development team.

But now it could very well become a thing of past with the upcoming version of Chrome.

A series of changes have been observed on Chromium code which will help the browser to flag those pages that have been added to the backward/forward history by tricking the user.

After that, Chrome will automatically skip the flagged pages whenever the user hits the back button to provide an uninterrupted experience.

Chrome will also send these sketchy web pages to Google for further analysis. This step is a part of the company’s effort to stop navigation hijacking but Google hasn’t shared any specific details from its side.

In the recent past, Chrome has introduced several features to protect users from shady websites and malpractices on the web. It includes sending a warning on sites that trick users into paying a fee, protection from malware through interstitial warning page, blocking of abusive ads and auto-run audio.

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