This Google Pixel 4 Assistant Feature Will Hold Calls For You

Google Assistant Hold My Phone Feature

No one likes to be put on hold, especially when you know you could have finished hundreds of household chores in that time. Many times, we are left listening to an unending loop of some annoying music.

Thankfully, we are hearing of a new Google Assistant feature that will take over an unbearable phone call and notify you once the receiver is back on the phone call.

Allegedly called “Hold my Phone,” the feature is still in the early development phase and is likely to be Google Pixel 4 exclusive.

A reliable source told 9to5Google that you would be able to tap a button on the caller screen to tell Assistant you’re on hold. And once the receiver is back on call, the Assistant will notify you.

The exact working of the feature is unclear. Google might demo the feature in the Pixel event. However, one source told the publication that the feature is likely to release long after the Pixel event. But it could be a case that Pixel 4 gets it immediately after the launch.

“Hold my phone” might remind you of Assistant’s Call Screening feature which Google demoed at the Pixel 3 Launch Event. Call Screening allows a user to let Google Assistant answer the incoming calls, upon which it politely asks the intention of the caller.

With the new feature, it appears like Google is pretty serious about integrating Google Assistant into our day-to-day calling. Google will likely showcase the new Assistant feature at the upcoming Pixel 4 launch event scheduled for October this year.

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