Hoverboard Fire Destroys $1 Million Home, Family Sues Amazon For $30 Million



Short Bytes: A couple from Nashville has sued Amazon and demanded $30 million in damages after a hoverboard fire destroyed their million-dollar home. The couple claims that they tried hard (and failed) to find the original manufacturer of the board. In accordance with a clause in Tennessee law, now, they are suing the seller, i.e., Amazon.

Just like the recent incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires, which resulted in the official recall of the device, the hoverboards were on an explosion spree earlier this year. As a result, Amazon ceased the sale of boards in February 2016. It should be noted that hoverboards are actually self-balancing scooters which were a hot gift item.

Well, just before the start of the holiday season, it looks like the hoverboard news has made a comeback in a different manner.

On January 9, a board bought by a couple through Amazon caused the destruction of a $1 million home in Nashville, Tennessee. This hoverboard was actually bought by Brian and Megan Fox for Christmas. A few days later, a hoverboard fire charred all their personal belongings and nearly killed their children, the couple claims.

Last week, the couple filed a lawsuit and sought damages from Amazon and seller W2M Trading. The lawsuit claims that hoverboard was a counterfeit product from China with a fake battery.

The family claims that they are yet to find the manufacturer. According to Tennessee law, if you can’t find the actual manufacturer of an object, you’re entitled to sue the seller. As a result, the couple has sued Amazon and seeking $30 million in damages.

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