Goodbye Eri: A New One Shot Manga By Chainsaw Man Author

Goodbye Eri: New One Shot Manga By Chainsaw Man Author
Image Credit: VIZ

“Goodbye Eri” is a new one-shot manga created by the super talented Tatsuki Fujimoto. As many would already know, he is the author of the highly beloved manga “Chainsaw Man.” While that is one of the more popular works of the author, he also releases a few one shots as well.

And this new one that just came out has now become the talk of the town. So with the anime still far off and part 2 of the manga nowhere in sight, we’re happy to take anything Fujimoto would give us. So first, let’s go over where you can read this new one-shot.

Where can I read Goodbye Eri online?

The 200-page one-shot is out right now, and you can read it online. Moreover, not only can you read it online, but you can also do it completely for free. That’s right, just hop on over to VIZ and read the one shot all you want without the need for any subscription.

While talking about hit manga, we have to mention the Shounen masterpiece One Piece. Currently, the storyline in the manga is truly reaching new heights with some awesome fights and twists. So check out the One Piece Chapter 1046 release details right here.

What is Goodbye Eri about?

Goodbye Eri: New One Shot Manga By Chainsaw Man Author
Image Credit: VIZ

Before we go over the manga itself, the concept of one shot might be confusing itself so let’s go over that. One-shots are mini stories that are completely separate from any work and will tell a story all on its own. While a shot can turn into a series, the original one shot will still stand on its own as its own story worth experiencing on its own.

Now coming the manga at hand, this new one by Fujimoto is just as complex and deep as his other works. While we can give you synopsis of the plot, that might be detrimental for the reader. The 200-page work will cause an influx of emotions that will leave you speechless. Furthermore, since it’s a standalone story and free, there’s no reason for you not to try it yourself.

That’s all we have for today. Have you read the manga yet? What do you think the ending meant? Let us know your thoughts and expectations below.

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