Man Gets World’s First AI-Designed Tattoo, Made By DALL-E2

DALL-E2 World's First AI Designed Tattoo

Calfornia-based investor Everett Randle got the world’s first AI-made tattoo on his body. He flaunted the new AI tattoo in a tweet but the mind behind this ingenious creation is OpenAI’s DALL-E2 AI system. However, Everett Randle only made a few text inputs and the DALL-E2 produced the quirky design.

DALL-E2: The new designer in town

Just to clear the air that an AI-powered machine didn’t etch the tattoo. It merely produced the design requested by Everett Randle. DALL-E2 is an image creation and editing tool powered by natural language processing. It understands the human language and can interpret it to the smallest detail. So, it is capable of catering to your wildest requests and can produce almost any design you can think of.

DALL-E2 AI tattoo
Source: Twitter

Why did Everett Randle choose AI tattoo design?

Everett Randle was confused about the tattoo design. He didn’t fancy anyone in the tattoo parlor and decided to give DALL-E2 a shot. Although his request was pretty simple: “A,” a cross, and an arrow. The result was good enough for him to get his biceps tattooed which he later shared on his Twitter account.

Moreover, it isn’t the first time DALL-E2 whipped such gorgeous designs. Mira Murati who works with OpenAI shared a tweet of a bizarre request made possible by the tool. The request was “macro 35mm film photography of a large family of mice wearing hats cozy by the fireplace”. You can check the tweet to verify that the tool included every little detail as per request. Moreover, it did all this without any manual intervention.

OpenAI has a waitlist for the DALL-E2 tool using which you can try out. You cannot access it any other way. If you are eager to whip up something equally bizarre and quirky, you can register on the waitlist here. It may take some time before you get a response though.

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