Cheating In Exams? This AI Program Will Catch You With 90% Accuracy

ghostwriter ai program for catching cheating in exams
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Do you remember your school days when you were tempted to cheat in the exams just to score a few extra marks? Well, that thrill might be a case of yesteryear! A survey of about 70,000 high school students in the United States found that 95% of students cheated in some manner — studies like these have inspired many educationists to come up with a foolproof method to detect cheating.

Along similar lines, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have created an AI-powered program that can tell, with a staggering 90% accuracy, if you copied your assignment from a classmate or someone else wrote it for you.

The program, named Ghostwriter, is based on years of hard work and analysis of about 130,000 Danish assignments. Currently, Danish schools use a program that simply checks if the submitted tasks have anything in common with the previously submitted assignments; it’s unable to find if someone else wrote the assignments.

On the other hand, the Ghostwriter program additionally compares the submitted tasks to the students’ previously submitted work. This way, the ‘Siamese’ neural network used in the program is able to analyze the patterns like mistakes, length of sentences and their structures, commonly used phrases, etc.

While the researchers hope that schools will obviously adapt themselves to changing technology and embrace such solutions, they are also skeptical regarding the ethical issues that could arise. “Any result delivered by the program should never stand on its own, but serve to support and substantiate a suspicion of cheating,” Stephan Lorenzen of the University says.

Further, they also expect to collaborate with law enforcement to help them with their analysis of forged documents. Along similar lines, Ghostwriter AI has already been used at the University to determine if a tweet was written by a bot, a fake person, or the actual user.

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