Fortnite Coaching: Parents Are Paying Upto $20/Hour To Train Kids

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As a kid, I was awful at shooting games. To make things worse, my parents would always nag me about why I should be outdoors, and invest my “precious” time in playing “productive” sports.

Now it seems like either I have become too old or the world has lost its goddamn mind. The reason is a new crazy trend where parents are hiring Fortnite coaches for up to $20 per hour to train their kids so that they can beat other players in the free-to-play battle royal game.

According to WSJ, several parents across the world are heading towards online coaching marketplace that charge between $15 and $35 an hour for “Fortnite” lessons. Websites like Gamer Sensei and Bidvine that provide gaming coaches claim that more than 1,400 “Fortnite” coaches have been hired since March this year.

Given that e-sports has turned into a vast market with advertisers and brands pouring in hefty amounts of money, parents are probably hoping for a future in e-sports for their kids. There is also a strong reason to believe they may have been motivated by the 100 million worth prizes offered by Fortnite back in May.

While Fortnite for Android coming in a few weeks and the game has already created a sensation on iOS. Now with the latest trend and increasing popularity of the game, it appears that Fortnite coaching would become a new ridiculous norm among many families.

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