Twitter Mixed Media Lets You Post Gifs, Photos & Videos In The Same Tweet

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Twitter is making rapid changes to the platform to make it more appealing for creators and content consumption. It is ironic that that platform started out as an attempt to say something coherent in 144 characters and is now focusing on media sharing and video carousels.

The company announced in its latest blog post that it is integrating a Twitter Mixed Media feature to post gifs, photos, and videos in the same tweet. You can add up to 4 media files, irrespective of their type (gif, image, video), and post them along with the tweet.

Twitter mixed media: More details

Twitter’s heavy push to make it a content consumption platform is the reason behind these features. You don’t have to do anything out of the way to use the Twitter Mixed Media feature. Just create a tweet and tap on the media button to add more elements. The maximum limit is four items which will all show up in a grid-style layout once you post your tweet.

Many users tried this mixed media feature, and the reactions were gleeful. The idea of sharing useful media to add more context to the tweet seems good for many. People tried a combination of side-by-side videos, gifs, and images. However, Twitter advises you to add an alternate text to the media you attach with your tweets. It helps the viewers understand more and is also beneficial for visually impaired users.

Twitter Mixed Media
Image: Twitter

The Twitter mixed media will only be available to Android and iOS app users as of now. The official blog post doesn’t indicate when the feature will become available to web version users. But it does say that users across all platforms will be able to see the new Twitter mixed media tweets. You can view them on the website but cannot create one unless Twitter rolls out the feature.

We suggest that you update your Twitter app to check if the feature is available in your region. A few days back, Twitter rolled out a TikTok-like video carousel feature to let you watch videos to your heart’s content using immersive view mode.

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