Facebook Turns WhatsApp Into A Money Making Machine

Facebook WhatsApp Monetization

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp is used by more than 1 billion users every day. But despite such huge consumer base, there isn’t much Facebook has done to make money from the instant messaging service.

WhatsApp Business was launched last year to help businesses to reach their customers via the instant messaging app. In the latest development, WhatsApp has announced that it would start charging businesses for the messages they send to the users.

A business will be able to send messages only after the user contacts them first. The chats would be free of charge for the first 24 hours, but money will have to be paid for messages sent after that time window expires.

While it’s a good way for the company to earn some cash, it could also reduce the number of unnecessary messages that cutter people’s chats.

WhatsApp is also introducing single-click chat buttons that can be added to websites or displayed with Facebook ads from where a user can directly land on the WhatsApp chat of a business.

The instant messaging app will also enable businesses to offer real-time tech support if they want. Also, after a user gives their number to a business, they’ll be able to push things like shipping confirmations or boarding passes via WhatsApp.

Monetizing WhatsApp, when Messenger isn’t doing any wonders, seems to be an expected move from Facebook. Especially, after the company disclosed slow growth and sales numbers in front of the investors during the latest earnings call.

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