‘Facebook TechPrep’ Will Help You Learn To Code

tech prep why prohramming facebook
tech prep why prohramming facebook

tech-prep-why-prohramming-facebookShort Bytes: Facebook has launched its learning initiative in the form of Facebook TechPrep, which will help the students and parents to develop a strong computer cognizance. 

Facebook was created in a dorm of Harvard University by some students to help build connectivity in the campus. Later, with the same goal in mind, one man with his team was able to attach over 2 billion people to his idea today. But Facebook doesn’t want to limit itself to just another successful business model. Instead the ever-expanding Black Hole of the Internet wants you to be aware, learn and generate cognitive curiosity towards computer science.

In order to create an inclusive culture, Facebook wants to connect the maximum number of people with the technology and break the walls of ignorance. For that purpose, Facebook has announced to provide free Internet from space as well, starting from Africa.

Facebook, is thus offering its new initiative Facebook TechPrep which will help to quench the curiosity of the students, expose parents and guardians to the computer science and create an environment of computer learning in the underrepresented groups by providing resources to all these people.

The resource hub, Facebook TechPrep will curate to the users the solutions to their requirements as per the individual skills such as the age of the learner, skill level and what kind of education they are interested in.

The TechPrep program specifically targets the unaware public and the parents who find themselves helpless in guiding their children in the field of computer learning.

TechPrep is quite an appreciable effort on the part of Facebook as more and more students and parents in the developing countries would get an opportunity to learn and prepare themselves for the competition awaiting.

Watch the video posted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

Today we’re launching TechPrep — a website to help people start programming careers.It shows parents and students what programming is, why it’s important, and what sort of jobs are available for those who can code. It guides people to resources to get started — everything from classes to college prep. And it features real stories from people from under-represented groups who’ve used the resources to start careers in tech. Improving diversity in the tech industry is an important challenge, and something we’re deeply committed to at Facebook. Everyone should be able to take advantage of the opportunities created by the internet. Giving everyone the opportunity to learn to code will create even more valuable tools to serve society. Through research with McKinsey, we found that there are very few resources in particular for Black or Hispanic learners, and we wanted to change this. We’ve also put together resources for parents and guardians so they can provide young people with advice and support. We hope this is a valuable resource for people in our community, and that it helps makes a small contribution towards making our industry more diverse. Check out TechPrep at: https://techprep.fb.com

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Via: Facebook Newsroom

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