This Hacker is Destroying Racist and Homophobic Websites One by One

amped attacks hacker
amped attacks hacker

amped-attacks-hackerShort Bytes: A hacker that operates a Twitter handle named Amped Attacks, is taking down the websites spreading homophobia and racism one by one. Via the Twitter account, the hacker tweets the next targets and tells the world about its activities.

There is a new vigilante hacker in town. This hacker goes by the name of Amped Attacks and is busy destroying the homophobic and racist websites one-by-one.

The hacker is targeting these websites by deploying the specialized distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. For those who don’t know, a DDoS attack is a common method of taking down a server and website by flooding it with tons of overloaded requests. As a result, the machine and network resource becomes unavailable and the webpage shows error.

The hacker Amped Attacks uses #tangotown in the tweets, a hashtag that is commonly used by the Anonymous hacktivist group. But, this doesn’t confirm Amped Attacks’ association with the Anonymous.

None of the official Twitter handlers have mentioned that Amped Attacks is working under their influence. The most recent target of the Amped Attack is website as shown in the tweet below (website is back online:

Earlier this weekend, the hacker took down and it even successfully targeted a website related to ISIS. In a recent tweet, the hacker warns another site:

It should be noted that these DDoS outages don’t last very long. So, it’s possible that the Amped Attacks is drawing our attention towards these websites and I don’t think that’s a bad thing to do.

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