Facebook’s ‘Sharing To Reels’ Feature Will Change Anything Into A Reel

Sharing to Reels Featured
Image: Facebook

Meta-owned Facebook is trying to up the short video game by adding a new feature, Sharing to Facebook Reels. It will allow other app developers to add a new “Sharing to Facebook Reels” option to their apps.

Short-form content has taken the world by storm. More and more smartphones users are consuming short-form content. Short video sharing platform TikTok is among the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS. Looking at the popularity of TikTok, every other major player in the social media space added short videos to their platforms.

Facebook was not going to be far behind in this race. So the company added Reels on both Instagram and Facebook. Leveraging its vast user base, Facebook Reels is already seeing high engagement. Now the company is planning for more app developers to add Sharing to Reels feature in their app.

Facebook Sharing To Reels Feature

Sharing to Reels
Image: Facebook

The feature sounds very exciting for third-party platforms as their users will be able to distribute their content on Facebook Reels. It will help creators reach a wider audience. If utilized by businesses, they can also promote their brands easily.

The feature is already rolling for both Android and iOS platforms. Developers can add the Sharing to Reels features and make it possible for their users to tap into Facebook’s 1 Billion strong user base.

So you might expect to see a ‘Share to Reels’ feature on your favorite app very soon. Would you like to share your short-form content on Facebook Reels, or do you think other platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts are the future? Do let us know in the comments.

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