Google Asked To Remove 1,500 “Pirate Links” Per Minute

torrent remove request google
torrent remove request google

internet piracyShort Bytes: The content creators or to be precise, the copyright holders have now become more serious and they want to destroy the realm of the great pirates from the internet. Google receives daily requests to take down pirate links averaging 1500 links/minute, amounted to a whopping 65 million in the last month.

The copyrights holder guys have taken another shift when it comes to reducing the amount of pirate links existing on the internet. They’ve been more sincere in requesting Google to remove pirate links from its search results. Reports suggest, since the past year there has been a two-fold increase the in the number of DMCA takedown requests made by different organisations all over the world.

As of 2015, Google has to deal with almost 2 million pirate links per day which were a few hundred in numbers back in 2011, which roughly translates to 1500 links/minute. Well, this is the thing all the pirates should worry about, they’ll definitely find a way out, as have been doing it for years.

If we talk about the previous month, Google had to process a whopping 65 million take-down requests by 2514 reporting organisations. A big figure indeed, but they are the copyright guys, the have the right to do so. Have a look at the graph, showing the requests made per week.

pirate links

Google writes,

Google regularly receives requests from copyright owners and reporting organisations that represent them to remove search results that link to material that allegedly infringes copyrights. Each request names specific URLs to be removed, and we list the domain portions of URLs requested to be removed under specified domains.

In spite of Google’s honest efforts in removing the pirate links, the copyright holders do believe Google may have its part in diverting users to unauthorized websites, considering the abundance of such links in the search results. Google did acknowledged the issue last year and changed their algorithm to lower the page rank of the pirate websites.

Ernesto writes for the TorrentFreak,

According to industry groups such as the MPAA and RIAA, Google should take a more aggressive approach and blacklist the worst offenders entirely. However, Google believes that this type of site-wide censorship goes too far.

For now, the dispute between both camps remains unresolved, which means that the takedown surge and purge is likely to continue.

This is a chase between the pirates and the copyright holders, may never reach its culmination point, “to make the world free from piracy”, as far as the history of piracy is concerned. But the pirates will never stop providing free content to the masses, and never will the copyright holders, to stop them. And let me tell you one thing, don’t confuse torrent with piracy, it is only a transmission protocol to ease up the download process for large files.

Using Torrent is totally legal, but using it to transmit copyrighted content is illegal.

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