Facebook Reveals Its Milestones In Artificial Intelligence Research

facebook zuckerberg ai
facebook zuckerberg ai

facebook-zuckerberg-aiShort Bytes: Artificial Intelligence holds a special place in the future of the humanity. Many tech giants, including Facebook, have long been working on improving the AI to make lives better. Facebook has decided to reveal its milestones in Artificial Intelligence Research in the form of a progress report.

It doesn’t matter if you are scared of AI like Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking or if you have an opinion same as that of Google’s chief of Artificial Intelligence that computers are remarkably dumb. Companies are still going through the byzantine process of training the machines and creating human brain algorithms. Meanwhile, Facebook has just announced its progress report.

Facebook’s AI research team (FAIR) will present at NIPS, an Artificial Intelligence conference, its report card and reveal the team’s achievements regarding its state-of-the-art systems. Facebook has been trying to improve the image recognition and has created a system that speeds up the process by 30% using 10 times less training data from previous benchmarks.

However, it is not only the big companies that are keen on developing the object detection system, the open source comunity has also created their own version of the open source image recognition program.

Facebook has previously showed MemNets or Memory Networks that can read and answer questions in short texts. Facebook is also trying to give the machines some cognizance through the predictive learning program.

And Facebook is not done just yet. It has also created a system to teach the robots how to plan. The AI-powered robot can play a board game Go and is at par with the best of human players. The FAIR team achieved this by combining the traditional search-based approach with their indigenous pattern-matching system.

Facebook’s other projects like Virtual Reality Oculus Rift which will soon come in the markets with the touch controller.

Well, let us wait and see how far Facebook has reached in its pursuit of creating advanced AI. Till then, watch the video by Facebook on how the artificial intelligence is impacting us.

Teaching machines to see and understandFacebook’s AI team is working to build smart systems that can enhance people’s lives. Watch this video to learn about how we’re approaching AI research and the impact this work is already having.

Posted by Facebook Engineering on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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