‘Splinternet’ May Become A Definite Possibility In Russia

Russia may soon begin creating a splinternet
Image by Abhishek Mishra/Fossbytes

Russian citizens may soon detach from the rest of the internet because of the slow adoption of splinternet. Splinternet is a term used to describe countries that create rifts and barriers to block and filter content. The Russian government is cracking down on internet access after facing backlash.

Why is the Russian government creating Splinternet?

The Russian government waged an unnecessary war on Ukraine which caused a massive uproar globally. Many government sites faced hacking attempts, many were brought down by Anonymous. Moreover, Russian citizens began protesting about Vladimir Putin’s decision on social platforms. They increased Twitter loading time for countrymen to stop people from showcasing dissent online.

China is a great example of a splinternet creator which effectively blocks and filters every web search. The Russian government may soon go towards that path, given the current developments. So, they can leverage splinternet to cut people off from the outside world.

splinternet is Russia

Is it possible for Russia to do so?

The Great Firewall of China blocks and tracks everything. But it didn’t happen in a span of a few years. China began the development of the Great Firewall more than two decades back. Its citizens don’t know the concept of free internet but only understand restricted internet.

Russian citizens are familiar with the free will you can exercise on the internet. Moreover, Russia cannot just flip a switch and create another great firewall. Splinternet will require a decade’s worth of heavy work and a staggeringly high budget. Russia’s current state cannot invest that heavily in mimicking the great firewall of China.

But Russia’s watchdog agency Roskomnadzor does regulate ISP operating in the country. They block websites that may appear harmful to the reputation of the president, or the country. Sometimes, there isn’t a valid reason because they can exercise control. This is a small glimpse of what’s happening in Russia today. Users cannot access Twitter and other social platforms.

Most businesses and freelance incomes are on indefinite hold. The implications of the president’s decisions are being borne by its citizens. Only time will tell if Russia adopts the splinternet approach or not.

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