Elon Musk Might Fire More Twitter Staff Today

Attrition could be up to 75%.

Now, Elon Musk has challenged Twitter to a debate over the number of bots on the website amid the ongoing legal battle between the two
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Elon Musk acquired Twitter last week, and the company and its staff have had a surprising week – to say the least. Musk didn’t waste any time and relieved the top management immediately. The CEO, CFO, and top lawyer bid adieu to the company to make space for Elon Musk’s visions. They will receive heavy severance packages in the millions, but even that is not final yet.

Meanwhile, Twitter employees are in a great state of confusion. Layoffs aren’t pretty for any company, but the new Twitter chief will make it even more brutal. Platformer obtained an internal email from the company which states that layoffs will happen on Friday. All the employees who will be relieved from Twitter will receive the news via the company email.

Elon Musk Twitter firing: more details

Musk removed top management to take complete control and built a team that aligns with his vision for Twitter. If you are curious about his vision, it is wild and makes little sense. Musk made Twitter private again, so he now has complete command over the future scope of the social media platform. He suggested new ways of making money which included an idea to reduce revenue dependency on advertisements.

In addition, Musk proposed the idea of offering Twitter-verified badges at $20 per month. Stephen King was furious at the idea and said that he would leave Twitter if that happened. He further said that Twitter should pay him for using the platform. Musk responded with a counter-proposal of $8 per month. These are some of the wild plans Musk has for Twitter, and employees will have to work round the clock to push these features as soon as possible.

Elon Musk Twitter
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But firing employees via email and creating commotion by announcing it a day before is as heartless as it gets. All the staff awaits the decision whether they will be part of the company from Friday onwards or not. Finding another opportunity will be more difficult because all tech giants, including Meta, Apple, etc, are freezing hiring for this year.

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