PUBG New State Update Brings A New Season & Balance Changes

pubg new state update

Krafton has just released the PUBG New State January update. The Version 0.9.44 update brings a new season and lots of balancing changes to shift the game into a new meta. PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 15 will go live with several guns, vehicles, and other items being rebalanced.

The battle royale game will be adding season seven, with tiers being based on the final tier of last season. Speaking of the tiering system, it also received some balancing with increased kill points and reduced dying penalty.

PUBG New State Update: Balance changes

  • Long-range damage for SMGs, ARs, and LMGs has been decreased in order to increase the viability of guns that have been unpopular in the past.
  • Vehicles have been adjusted to more accurately portray the vehicle’s characteristics.
  • Vehicles like the Vrion, Electron, and UAZ have improved durability.
  • Sedans now have increased speed
  • Motorbikes have increased stability for easier handling.
  • The Drone Store’s cooldown has decreased; the delivery speed has increased; and the price of items has been adjusted dramatically.

Read the full patch notes here.

The update also brings the fifteenth volume of PUBG New State Mobile’s Survivor Pass, which introduces Keeper from the Dream Runner faction. Players can experience Keeper’s background story from the Pass’ story quests. Once all missions have been completed, players will receive Keeper’s facial appearance.

Players can now also play Team Deathmatch Mode in ARENA, which previously only allowed Round Deathmatch Mode (RDM). Whichever team reaches 30 eliminations first will win the match in TDM. Let us know what you think about the latest update to PUBG New State Mobile in the comment section below.

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