Genshin Impact Is Getting Its Own Anime: Ufotable Will Be In Charge

Genshin Impact anime ufotable

Genshin Impact’s next major version, 3.1, was showcased today, and the event showed us everything from the new characters Candace, Cyno, and Nilou and their skills. Besides, the next version will unlock a new desert region and will contain an extension of the 3.0 Archon quest. However, the event took everyone by storm when Hoyoverse had one trick up its sleeve with the legendary Japanese animation studio, Ufotable.

It looks like Hoyoverse will be collaborating with Studio Ufotable to create a Genshin Impact anime series. The details of the same emerged right after the event showed the people the new area and characters. The animation is like you’d expect from Ufotable, mind-boggling, and something that we’ve never seen before.

For those who are unaware, studio Ufotable has animated most of the popular anime series like Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and the Fate series and is known for their “unlimited budget works” animation.

Now, the event did show us a lot of breathtaking footage from the anime, but whether the story will adapt the current lore is still unknown. Although, there’s a chance that it might.

Genshin Impact Anime: Here’s Everything We Saw

Hoyoverse has called this a long-term collaboration or something along similar lines. The trailer opens with the classic Genshin theme that plays when you start the game. The first glimpse at the open world shows us an empty Seelie statue in what I assume is Mondstadt.

Then we get to see what looks like one of the relays that players need to activate in the Stormterror quest by defeating Hilichurls. The animation, again, certainly speaks for itself.

We then get top-down footage of Dragonspine with the storm at the top of the peak, just like in the game, and then the scene cuts to Mondstadt’s Statue of the Seven (Venti), which then shines as if it’s transferring elemental powers, just like in the game. The shot then cuts to what looks like the closest Statue of the Seven near the Stone Gate, the entrance to the nation of contracts, Liuye. We can see Liuye’s terrain with rocks and withered grass.

We then cut to Aether and Lumine holding hands, and the animation, again, looks phenomenal. The scenery, however, looks like fallen Celestia, and after the siblings reunite again, but I could be wrong.

Overall, the anime looks pretty fantastic, and I certainly can’t wait to see Hoyoverse reveal more details about the same in the future. What are your thoughts about Genshin’s anime adaptation? Share them in the comments below.

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