Earth Day Google Doodle Shows What Climate Change Is Doing To Us

Mount Kilimanjaro from Google Earht
Image: Google Earth

Word Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April. The main aim of Earth Day is to exhibit support for environmental protection. Google marked this Earth Day with an Earth Day doodle on Google Search homepage and search results.

Earth Day Google Doodle

The theme of the Doodle is Climate Change. With the Doodle, Google aims to raise awareness about Climate Change. The Doodle is created using a real time-lapse taken from Google Earth Timelapse and other credible sources. It shows the severe impact of climate change on four different parts of the world.

These are Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa; Sermersooq Greenland; Great Barrier Reef Australia; and Harz Forests, Germany. The images used in the doodle are taken between 1986 and 2020 and it differs based on the locales.

All of the images show the chilling effects of climate change over decades. There are brown patches where there should be snow, and leftovers in place of dense forests, pointing to drastic changes everywhere. What Google means to show you is that if we don’t act now, it will soon be never.

The Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa images were taken each year in December starting 1986 to 2020. Sermersooq Greenland images were captured annually between December 2000 to 2020. In the case of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, images were taken each month from March to May 2016.

Harz Forests Elend, Germany shots were taken each December between 1995 to 2020. Google will show the scenes throughout the day on its homepage. Each one of them will remain visible on the homepage one by one. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is Invest In Our Planet.

The recent IPCC report also says that we have only three years to fix the planet. If we don’t act by then, there’ll be nothing left to act on. If you want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle to save the Earth, do check out our list of 5 ways to responsibly use gadgets to save the planet.

With its annual earth day Doodle, Google is raising awareness about Climate Change. Have you seen today’s Google search Doodle? What are your thoughts about Google’s attempt in raising awareness about Climate? Let us know in the comments.

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