EA Play Live 2021: Here’s What To Expect & How To Watch

EA Play Live 2021 Here's What To Expect & How To Watch
Image: EA

E3 is past news; while there were many exciting announcements at this year’s E3, it seems like EA Play Live 2021 isn’t packing much of a punch. EA Play Live will start off tomorrow and feature updates from games like Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Madden NFL 22, FIFA, and other games.

Instead of joining other publishers at E3 2021, EA chose to host its own show. The publisher will showcase the games the developers have been working on and updates from upcoming and currently running games.

How to watch EA Play Live 2021?

EA Play Live is just a few hours away, and here’s how you can watch the live presentation. The show will start on July 22nd at 10 AM PT; you can check your local timings here. The pre-show will begin at 10 AM PT and will probably go on for about 30 minutes or so. Moreover, you can watch EA Play Live over at Twitch or YouTube, or you can also watch the live event in the video embedded above.

What to expect from EA Play Live?

As discussed earlier, the main show will feature updates from EA’s launched and running games alongside new and upcoming games. That being said, the one to watch out for is undoubtedly Battlefield 2042. Meanwhile, rumors have it that EA will unveil a new mode for Battlefield 2042 during the live presentation; the mode is rumored as “Battlefield Hub.”

However, there’s been a few games that are dropped out of EA’s live show roster. Games like Skate 4, a new Star Wars game, Mass effect, will not be making a presentation at EA’s live show. Furthermore, we should get some more information on Apex Legends season 10, which is set to release next month with an afrofuturistic legend. In addition, we could see some announcements regarding some changes to the World’s Edge map.

Furthermore, it is expected that EA will announce the highly anticipated new Dead Space game, along with more news from FIFA and Madden NFL 22, during the live presentation. As you might’ve noticed, EA’s live show is going to be pretty concise with a handful of announcements. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure to bring you news from this year’s EA Play Live.

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