Day Shift Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free On Netflix?

Day Shift Netflix release date, time, and free streaming
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix has been on a roll this month. After suffering a loss in the number of subscribers for the first time in forever, the streaming service wants to regain its spot as the king of streaming services. Among others, Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift is one of the top titles released on Netflix this month.

The movie falls in the comedy and fantasy genre. Foxx plays the role of a father who just wants to keep his 8-year-old daughter happy. But his job as a pool cleaner is obviously not enough to reach the goal. However, he has a backup source of income.

He hunts and kills vampires during his free time to make extra cash. Yes, that’s pretty much the plot of the 2022 film. If this is something that intrigues you, then continue to read further and learn about the movie’s streaming details.

When was Day Shift released on Netflix?

Day Shift Netflix release date, time, and free streaming
Image credit: Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix is doing its absolute best to regain subscribers in the month of August. Evidently, Jamie Foxx’s new movie was also released in the month of August on Netflix. To be precise, the film made its debut on August 12, 2022, at 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET/12:30 PM IST.

Before moving forward, feel free to check out our guide on what else was released on Netflix this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on which title is your favorite till now.

Can I watch Day Shift for free on Netflix?

The movie is expected to do extremely well on Netflix. So it’s obvious that the streaming service will not provide it to the users for free. However, there are still a bunch of offers that you can use to get a free account on Netflix.

  1. Jio Postpaid Plans starting at Rs. 399
  2. Vi Redx plan at Rs 1099 per month.
  3. Free year-long subscription with Verizon Fios
  4. T-Mobile will give basic and standard subscriptions on $8.99 and $13.99.

That’s it for this article. Have you already watched the movie? If yes, feel free to leave a spoiler-free review in the comments section below.

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