Coding Confessional: Read This If You Hate Your Job

coding confessional 2

coding confessional 2

Short Bytes: The 21st-century has witnessed the rise of restless coders. But the pressure and work environment have made their lives miserable. Platforms like Coding Confessional are beneficial for the coders to release the frustration and anger.

Employees frustrated with their work life is not something strange to fall upon one’s ears. Even the fat salary coding brigade deployed at many tech frontiers is not the one left out. For them, devRant is a well-known platform where they can lash out about their tiresome job, curse their boss, or confess about the idiotic things they do with their code. The devRant team even published the most annoying programming languages list after analyzing the rants.

Coders are everywhere. How about another shoutbox for these machines who turn coffee into code? The name is Coding Confessional, it allows you to anonymously confess your coding sins. Unlike devRant, it won’t ask you to fill any personal details or create an account. But you will have to answer a simple coding question, obviously, because the platform is dedicated to programmers.

coding confessional

Launched in February 2013, Coding Confessional was built over a weekend for fun by Ryan Epp. He is the founder of Poeko Inc. which he created after quitting as a software development engineer at Amazon.

Visit Coding Confessional and express your inner guilt or anger. Explore Coding Confessional — you might come across some interesting confessions.

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