devRant Releases The Most Annoying Programming Languages List — Which One Do You Use?


annoying programming languagesShort Bytes: devRant, an online community for developers, has released its data, revealing the most annoying programming languages. The developers with SQL in their profile skills rant +56.0 percent more than the average rate. On the contrary, Objective-C developers are the most content ones. 

Earlier this year in May, we wrote about devRant–an app that was specifically designed for developers who wish to crack some jokes, vent their frustration in the form of rants and move on. The same community has now revealed the list of the most annoying programming languages.

devRant has used the data (20,000 rants posted by more than 12,000 developers) from devRant Android, iOS, and web apps to prepare this list. The infographic made by the company displays the data in the form of deviation from the average dev rant rate.

It was revealed that the developers who had SQL in their profile skills list had the largest share in the rants posted on devRants. Their ratio of posted rants was +56.0 percent more than average.

After SQL, the list of most annoying programming languages witnessed the likes of Mango and Swift. devrant annoying programming languages

It’s great to see that the users of some of the biggest programming language–C++, JavaScript, Java, and Python–don’t rant much. The Objective-C developers appear to be the most content ones with -79.9 percent lesser rants per developer.

devRant calls itself an app that’s built to be a fun and edgy place to escape from the seriousness of the programming job. You can grab the app for iOS and Android, or look at a live rant feed on their website.

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