hyperglot for programmersShort Bytes: Hyperpolyglot is a side-by-side programming reference sheet that any programmer will find useful. This online sheet is a vast collection of comparison of different programming languages and programming tools. If you are a programmer, take a look and bookmark it for future use.

What is a hyperpolyglot? It’s a person who masters or becomes fluent in multiple languages (six or more). If we talk about experienced programmers, a hyperpolyglot would be a person who knows multiple programming languages. By applying similar concepts and syntax, he/she is able to work on more than one platforms.

However, sometimes, even for an expert, remembering all fine differences is very hard. Even after constant use and practice, he/she has one favorite reference.

Hyperpolyglot is one such website that is basically a great tool for looking up similarities and differences between programming languages and tools.

Hyperpolyglot presents a side-by-side programming reference sheet that compares popular programming languages and tools. While it covers languages like C, Go, C++, Java, Objective-C, Scala, etc., Hyperpolyglot tells you about tools like Unix shells, build tools, text editors, databases etc.

hyperglot for programmers

It’s a great website that a programmer should bookmark. Also, the contents of the website are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

Go ahead, take a look at this amazing resource: Hyperpolyglot

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