15 Best Offline Android Games To Play In 2020 [No Data Needed]

Best Offline Android Games

Playing PUBG Mobile can be a challenging task when you’re traveling, so download these best offline Android games on the go instead. These free games are amazing to play and best of all don’t require any type of internet connection.

Pro Tip: Turn your internet off manually when you play these offline games on your Android smartphone. This will prevent any unnecessary ads from popping up in the middle of your gameplay.

Best Offline Android Games 2020

  • Crowd City
  • Rayman Adventures
  • Ludo King
  • Crossy Road
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Dead Rain 2
  • Dawn Break
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Arcane Quest Legends
  • Amaze
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Endless Nightmare
  • Demolition Derby
  • Arcane Quest Legends
  • Dead Trigger

1. Crowd City

Genre: Arcade

File Size: 175 MB

There aren’t many free offline games for Android that are as addictive as the Crowd City. Once you start playing the game, you’ll keep yearning for just one more round.

The gameplay of Crowd City is very simple; you’re given control of a random character that you can name, and every other person you’ll touch turns into an identical clone of you. In order to win each round, you’ll need to make as many clones of yourself as possible.

It is a single-player offline game but you’ll compete against a bunch of AI-controlled opponents to turn the nearby crowd into your look-alikes. The best part of Crowd City is when your crowd gets so big that it is able to turn other AI players into your clones as well.

2. Rayman Adventures

Genre: Platformer

File Size: 534 MB

If you want to enjoy a console-quality game on your Android smartphone then you can’t miss out on Rayman Adventures. It is based on the much bigger Rayman Legends game which is available on PC and consoles.

There are two protagonists to choose from in Rayman Adventures. After picking one of them, the game lets you loose in a beautifully developed world filled with treasures, secret locations and a variety of bosses.

The game also features chase levels, where a massive boss will chase you and maintaining the distance will be your only option. Rayman Adventure also lets you speed up the cut scenes, which is quite handy if you don’t want to miss out on important details but still want to stay aware of what’s going on in the game.

3. Ludo King

Genre: Board Game

File Size: 107 MB

Board games are fun for the whole family but in the era of digital games, they aren’t as popular. However, a popular Indian-origin board game, known as Ludo, is taking the Play Store by storm with more than 100 million downloads.

The premise of the game is simple: you have four pieces of four different colors and you’ll have to make each of them run a full circle around the board. Players roll over the dice to figure out the number of steps they can move around the board.

If that sounds confusing, then don’t worry, the game comes with a “Rules” section that can be found in the settings menu. Ludo is a competitive board game and cannot be played alone but don’t worry — you can test your “dice throwing” skills against the CPU. Ludo also supports up to 4-player local co-op and is probably one of the few games on the Play Store to offer such a feature.

4. Crossy Road

Genre: Arcade

File Size: 160 MB

Crossy Road has been on the Google Play Store for quite some time and for good reason. You play as a chicken in this offline Android game and your objective is to cross the road, train tracks, and rivers.

The gameplay of Crossy Road is very easy. The player simply has to move the chicken in different directions using simple tapping. Be wary as the heavy traffic and fast-moving trains will be your demise in Crossy Road. The game has no actual time limit, but there’s an eagle always lurking above the ground to make you its next prey.

Crossy road features Minecraft-inspired graphics with trees, cars and other objects modeled in a blocky design. Needless to say, Crossy Road is a great offline Android game that you can’t afford to not have during long commutes.

5. Alto’s Odyssey

Genre: Platformer

Size: 72 MB

Alto’s Odyssey features a beautifully crafted experience of learning and growing. The game puts you in the shoes of Alto, a mostly silent desert skier who can backflip all day long.

The entire game features an endless desert comprised of ever-increasing challenges. After a brief introduction to this offline Android game’s mechanics, you’re left in a gorgeous world accompanied by a soothing soundtrack and eye-pleasing visuals.

The core gameplay of Alto’s Odyssey revolves around jumping, performing backflips and grinding on ropes to collect coins that you can use for upgrades.

6. Dead Rain 2

Genre: Action Platformer

File Size: 144 MB

This offline Android game puts you in the shoes of a heroic father who is on the search for his daughter in a world full of zombies and thugs. The core gameplay of Dead Rain 2 revolves around killing zombies, upgrading new equipment and surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

The best feature of Dead Rain 2 is its combat. It involves fast-paced gunplay mixed with a little bit of parkour. You can only shoot horizontally which leaves your hand free from doing any sort of aiming and focus on the movement more.

The zombies in this free offline game are fast runners that are likely to keep you on your toes all the time. The visuals of Dead Rain 2 look neo-retro, which only accentuates the game’s grim, dark and combat-heavy nature. We recommend Dead Rain 2 as one of the most exhilarating offline games for Android phones.

7. Dawn Break

Genre: RPG

File Size: 610 MB

If you like anime and offline games on Android, then Dawn Break is a must-play for you. It is an offline single-player game on Android withThe game has similar combat to PC games and visually impressive graphics as well.

Dawn Break gives you the option to play as three unique heroes, each having their own special ability. Accompanying each hero is an upgradable fairy that helps them throughout the combat.

The gameplay of Dawn Break is excellent. The game’s simple formula of dodging and attacking never gets old and keeps you entertained for hours. Dawn Break is one of those offline games that will keep you wholly entertained for a long time.

8. Mortal Kombat

Genre: Fighting

File Size: 1.19 GB

If you love fighting games like the Injustice series, then you must try the Mortal Kombat for Android. The game draws several of its features from the Injustice game and tops it all off with gore-filled fatalities. Watching these finishers, again and again, makes me keep coming back to this offline Android game.

The gameplay of Mortal Kombat involves tapping and swiping the screen. You cannot move the characters forward or backward though. During a fight, you’re given an option to choose three characters and you can switch between each of them at any time.

Alongside the main campaign, Mortal Kombat also features over 130 heroes to collect and upgrade. Also in the campaign mode are the boss fights that will keep you engaged for a long time.

9. Arcane Quest Legends

Genre: RPG

File Size: 1.01 GB

Arcane Quest Legends is one of the highly recommended offline games for RPG fans. The game features let you control a customizable character who was separated from his parents years ago.

Growing up alone, you become a strong and brave hero tasked with battling Orcs, Undead, Demons, goblins and all manner of dark creatures. During my gameplay experience, the Arcane Quest Legends reminded me of Diablo 3 which I played on my PS4.

The hack and slash combat of the game feels quite satisfactory. The game encourages the player to explore each and every stage in search of loot, which made the game a much more thrilling experience.

10. Amaze

Genre: Puzzle

File Size: 117 MB

Don’t be fooled by the casual looks of this game; Amaze is as challenging as it’s approachable. The game gives you control of a ball which paints the ground in a particular color wherever it moves. Your objective is to color the whole maze. The game features two game modes: Classic and Limited Moves.

In classic mode, you can move the ball around the maze an unlimited number of times. In the Limited Move, as the name suggests, you only get a limited number of moves to paint the entire maze.

Amaze also has several new game modes upcoming in the near future, so be on the lookout for that. Needless to say, I highly suggest for you to download and play this offline game on Android.

11. Dead Effect 2

Genre: FPS RPG

Size: 21 MB

If you’ve played Dead Space on PC then you’ll find Dead Effect 2 very familiar, but in a good way. This free offline Android game gives a new spin on the action genre by adding a few new elements.

Dead Effect 2 features console-quality graphics, amazing sound design, and tons of monstrous enemies to fight. It avoids being a simple FPS shooter by offering RPG elements to customize your character, encouraging multiple playthroughs of the game. You can customize your character with more than 100 body parts, each offering a unique stat to your player. This offline Android game also gives you customizable weapons and the game itself is more than 40 hours long. You should definitely try this mobile game at least once.

12. Endless Nightmare

Genre: Horror FPS

Size: Varies with device

Endless Nightmare is a stealth horror game in which you play the role of a detective investigating a murder in a haunted house. Certain sections of this game, especially the ones in the hallway, reminded me of Playable Teaser or PT from PS4. The chunk of the gameplay mainly involves finding clues and solving a murder mystery whilst making sure you stay away from a ghostly monstrous woman.

You can either hide from her or collect parts around the house to assemble a gun and fight her. I played this offline android game during a night flight and some parts of the game genuinely scared me a bit. The game is very atmospheric and I recommend playing it late at night to get the most fun out of this game.

13. Demolition Derby 3

Genre: Racing

Size: 126 MB

It is probably the most fun to play offline android racing games on the Play Store. Demolition Derby has two main game modes, Demolition and Racing. The main fun is in the Demolition mode in which the player has to smash as many cars as possible.

There are more than 40 different cars in the game along with more than 20 tracks and demolition arenas. You can customize your car and play the game in either an offline single-player or online multiplayer mode. This Android racing game offers heaps of fun, especially when you just want to smash into stuff and relax your mind a little bit.

14. Arcane Quest Legends

Genre: RPG

Size: 45 MB

Arcane Quest Legends is probably one of the best offline RPG games on Android. The game puts us in control of a customizable character whose mother and father were attacked when he was a kid. Since then he’s been on the hunt to find the culprit responsible for his current situation.

The game offers a big world to explore filled with giant spiders and several dangerous beasts. The gameplay is very engaging as well. Your character can dodge roll, attack, and cast spells. This offline RPG for Android gives you the freedom and encouragement to explore its many dungeons and create a unique experience for yourself.

15. Dead Trigger 2

Genre: FPS

Size: 30 MB

Inspired by the likes of Resident Evil and Call of Duty Zombies, this Android game is fun to play experience. You play as a post-apocalyptic survivor who must traverse across the world while fighting hordes of zombies along the way. Dead Trigger 2 also features epic zombie boss battles that are amazing to play. Also, check out our article on list of best free problem-solving games in 2022.

It is a first person shooter game and you get multiple ranged and melee weapons to fight the zombies. All the weapons in the game fire automatically. If you’re playing with a melee weapon then you’d have to move closer to the enemy and the weapon will strike on its own. Similarly, in order to fire a weapon you’d have to move a bit closer to the zombies so the gun can fire automatically.

All The Other Apps You Can Take Offline

There are a number of other games like Truck Simulator, R.I.P, Dragon Hills 2 and many more that you can take offline and enjoy. I have tried to include not just simple arcade games but also adventure and RPG games on this list so you can have a healthy variety of titles when you go offline during a trip.

Also, check out our collection of the best fighting games and best racing games on Android. If I have missed any new offline games for Android then do let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list as soon as possible.

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