9 Best Fighting Games For Android To Kick Some Ass In 2019


Fighting Games may not constitute top-of-the-line Android games, but that doesn’t mean people are not crazy about it. Gamers still enjoy the inhumane violence that these games bring along.

Hardcore punches, flying kicks, chopping off limbs and everything that leaves out enemy dripping blood; there are several fighting games on Android that bring a whole different level of action.

Even after offering such stimulating content, it seems like the genre is entirely washed away from gamers’ memory. Therefore, I will discuss some of the best Fighting Games for Android that which will restore the fighting spirit in the year 2019. So, let’s get started.

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Top Fighting Games For Android In 2019

1. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is one name that always comes up when people talk about the best fighting games for Android. The game is wrapped with breathtaking 3D graphics and animation. Not to mention, the shadow gear and special skills which make it even more interesting.

The mobile fighting game has a huge collection of equipment that you can choose for your character. While the game has only a single character, it provides a lot of customization to its appearance, skills, and equipment.

The game handling can be a bit difficult at first since it requires tapping two-three buttons at the same time. But once you get the hang of it, defeating enemies won’t be much of a task — unless you are in the PvP mode where they can give you a hellish time.

Shadow Fight 3 is a cool fighting game with good mobile graphics and a compelling storyline. The only issue that seems to bother me is the free-to-play scheme. Since defeating high-level opponents requires nice equipment and skills, you will continuously have to grind on previously crossed levels.

2 Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting

Shadow Of Death is another fighting game for Android whose dark theme and vibrant graphics, combined with hack-and-slash gameplay, make it a soothing choice for users. The offline Android game encompasses four unique characters possessing different skills and magic attacks.

The game has a huge inventory system where you get to unlock different types of new skills and magic attacks. You can also upgrade your techniques using gems rewarded in a fight. Also, every login will give rewards like armor, weapons, gems and much more.

The only issue with this fighting game seems to be the lags which occur more frequently as you get engaged in more PvP battles. Also, the setup at various stages looks identical, so you may get bored by the monotonous battle dynamics of this game.

Overall, Shadow Of Death is pretty addictive. The striking graphics combined with extensive customization surely make it worth a shot. And if you are looking for an insane amount of killing, this is the one.

3 – Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime fans! You will certainly love this beauty. Honkai Impact 3rd is a brilliant anime-styled game encompassing cute girls who know how to put up a good fight. This fighting game for Android has an interesting storyline and magnificently designed characters.

The game starts with Kallen, the most famous Valkyrie warrior whose mission is to defeat Honkai, the ultimate evil force. There are a number of elite warriors that get unlocked as you advance in the game. You can upgrade the Valkyrie unit by gaining EXP chips. Moreover, the game includes options for upgrading weapons as well as buying new ones.

The role-playing part of the game requires you to travel on virtual grounds and fight enemies which appear out of thin air. Since the game carries a fairly heavy data file, make sure you have a solid device to run this game smoothly.

Overall, Honkai Impact 3rd is filled with action and magic skills. The best part about the game is its battle system which brings different characters to life. The premium currency model is also very lenient in comparison to other Android fighting games.

4 – TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Like the franchise, Transformers Forged to Fight include bots like Optimus Prime and BumbleBee who go on one-on-one showdowns with other transforming bots. Kabam, who is also a developer for Marvel Content of Champions, has done an excellent job with 3D graphics and battle dynamics of the game.

Apart from the basic kicks and punches, transformers can take out their heavy guns once you dash away from the enemy. Also, bots can use some special moves like transforming into a car and then crashing into other opponents, or sending out smaller robots out of their body for heavy attacks.

This Android fighting game includes Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, all working together as a team. Obviously, there is a reason why these longstanding rivals have joined hands. Transformers Forged to Fight covers different story missions. On every map, one has a choice to go with missions with the least resistance.

Its multiplayer mode includes making alliances, guarding your base against world players with unused bots and much more. Overall, Transformers Forged to Fight is very interesting to play, and the transformers theme will keep you intrigued for weeks.

5 – Boxing Star

Have a knack for boxing? Boxing Star is one of the best fighting games for Android for you. This boxing game is all about how one can accurately doge and land punches on the enemy.

The game comes with a pretty basic storyline. You are an aspiring boxer who starts his career with street fighting and tries to make it to the top. Apart from the visuals, the best thing about this Android boxing game is the responsive controls.

With precise taps and swipes, you can dip, duck, dodge, and weave to avoid the opponent’s attacks and strike back with a perfect counter. You can also land a special heavy attack which is powered by an energy meter.

The game includes be-friending different boxing characters, and comprises equipment that can improve the player’s fighting skills tremendously. The only problem with the game is the difficulty level which ridiculously increases after beating a few opponents. The league mode gets impossible to win over, unless you really know how to throw those punches right.

6 – Head Boxing

One of my favorites, Head Boxing is another boxing game for Android. The game involves cartoonish big-headed characters who like to beat the sh*t out their opponents.

Amid the fight, you can use normal punches, blue colored glowing punches and even power-up ones to hit special attacks. The in-game currency can be used to buy/upgrade pets, update skills and buy equipment from the shop.

This free fighting game for Android has over seven different modes like championship, survival, league, 2Players, Multiplay etc. You can unlock most of them after hitting level three. What I liked about the game is the little bone-breaking animations that you see while fighting. Also, the beaten-up face of the opponent is an interesting addition.

Unlike Boxing Star, this game isn’t that challenging. You can beat anyone just by using basic punches, which is why death mode should be enough for people looking for a challenge.

7 – Skullgirls

Skulls Girls is an action-packed Android game, whose console-like graphics and battling system has made it one of the best free fighting games on Android. Once you start playing this game, you’d realize that Injustice and Marvel Contest of Champions don’t even come close.

Available on console with the same name, the fighting game has beautifully animated cartoon characters and a really good control system. You have directional swipes for different kinds of punches, touch for special attack and much more. The control system can be edited to execute a variety of moves.

Talking about moves; Skull Girls brings the most set of combos and skills. Using the right character with the right set of skills can fetch titles and bonuses. You can upgrade your characters, move sets, and build strong combo sets to defeat opponents. Additionally, you can also unlock different characters which possess unique moves.

It gets difficult as you move along the higher levels and grind over previously beaten enemies; that’s how the game’s free-to-play model works. But all things considered, this Android fighting game is one of the best out there.

8 – CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

If you think you have seen all the bizarre things a cat would do, think again! This mobile fighting game features cats that drive robot cars into ferocious battles. While the fighting may sound interesting, as it turns out, the actual game is transpiring somewhere else.

Similar to robotic wars in the real world, CATS involves customizing robot cars and making them fight into the arena. Unlike other Android fighting games, this one needs you to put your brain behind the fight, rather than the battlefield. The game also allows placing bets on the robots, making the fights even more interesting.

Fusing parts correctly is the most important component in the fighting game. Of course, you can buy additional parts using premium currency. However, putting it together is the ultimate win. Lose there and defeat will find you.

Developed by ZeptoLab that has previously built games like Cut The Rope; CATS is equally interesting and has decent 2D graphics. That being said, if you like to control battles in real-time, this game may not work out for you.

9 – WWE Mayhem

The list of best free fighting games can never be complete without a WWE game. So, here is WWW Mayhem; one of the  most popular fighting games for Android users. The game has John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and other iconic players from World Wrestling Entertainment.

In the beginning, you get three WWE stars who fight against different WWE top wrestlers (story mode). Based upon your level, you get to choose the equivalent fighter. The in-game currency and the loot gives you power-ups, health packs etc. You can also upgrade your fighter to higher levels.

Apart from story mode, the game has a versus mode where you can battle world players online. You can make alliances within the game as well. The tag team fighting always gets me excited in the wrestling game. Overall, the fighting game is extremely addictive, possibly because of the easy controls and decent graphics.

Fight With All Your Might

So, these were the best 9 fighting games for your Android device. Hope I managed to re-kindle the fighting spirit that was once lost among the Android games.

In case, you have played most of the above games, just wait for me to update this article. Next month, I will up some new content, make sure you bookmark this article asap.

That it for now! Goodbye fighters, until we meet again.

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