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Kodi is one of the most popular media player software which enables you to access videos, music, and pictures via the internet or local storage on a host of platforms. Managed by XBMC foundation, Kodi is an open source software. However, its reputation has been soiled by labeling it as a piracy bearer, and that is why many ask “Is Kodi legal?” You can read more about Kodi and whether it is legal or not here.

Is Kodi Illegal? What about third party addons?

Simply saying, Kodi, in its original form, is not illegal but there are some third-party add-ons which allow you to stream content over which you have no rights. Such Kodi addons can be downloaded from third-party websites to access content which has been protected by copyright and could land you in legal troubles.

Once you successfully complete Kodi download procedure on your smartphone (you can download Kodi app which is available for Android as well as iOS devices) or desktop, next step is to install the best addons for Kodi to help you expand the functionality of the software and get the most out of it.

You can download addons from Kodi repositories and third party websites. Many people believe that downloading Kodi addons from external repositories and websites is illegal, which is not true.

There are plenty of legal Kodi addons that can enrich your entertainment experience and can turn around Kodi into something that will keep you hooked.

Since there are plenty of addons for Kodi out there and choosing the best out of them could be a cumbersome task. Therefore, we have collated a list of best Kodi addons that you should download in 2019. All the addons mentioned in this list have been tried and tested by us. These addons for Krypton 17.6, the latest version of Kodi, are free to use. But for accessing some content, you might require a subscription of the particular content provider.

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10 Best Kodi Addons For 2019

Below lies the details regarding genre and repository of the addons mentioned in our list of best Kodi addons for 2019. Let’s take a look:

1. Youtube – Best Kodi Addon for Streaming Videos

YouTube doesn’t require an introduction and I won’t give you one. The world famous video streaming website has an official addon for Kodi to enhance your experience on the XBMC owned media player software. The addon lets you stream videos from YouTube without any charge which is why it is one of the most famous Kodi addon. Amazing videos on YouTube can keep you entertained for hours.

3. Spotify – Best Addon for Streaming MusicSpotify Kodi addon

Spotify is one of the largest and most famous music streaming portals. With this Spotify addon, you can bring Spotify to Kodi, unofficially albeit. Spotify Kodi Addon is available on many third party repositories and can be downloaded from Github link as well. Spotify Premium account is required to access the services. Once authenticated, you will be able to stream songs easily. The interface of the addon makes it easy to browse and play songs.

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3. PopcornFlix – Best For Movie Lovers

PopcornFlix is an interesting Kodi addon that allows you to stream movies and TV shows. Many people consider this better than other Kodi Movie addons available out there because it allows you to watch many classic movies and tv series that are not easily available elsewhere. You can download PopcornFlix Kodi addon from the official Kodi repository and is therefore a legal Kodi addon.

4. Twitch – Ultimate Addon For Gamers

For all the gamers out there who love to get themselves updated with latest news and developments in the field of gaming, Twitch is addon you must download. This is available on the official repository of Kodi. Twitch is one of the most popular game streaming platforms. You can watch your favorite streamers with this addon by logging in to your Twitch account.

5. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a famous platform where artists can upload and share their originally created sounds. You can follow many popular DJs and artists here. Soundcloud addon is available on official Kodi repository. If you have used Soundcloud on PC or smartphone, then the interface of the addon would not come as a surprise to you. You can use the portal with or without signing in, but if you want to create a playlist and save your listening history, then it is better to log in. This is one of the top Kodi addons used by many users and heavily recommended by us.

6. TuneIn Radio – Best Radio Addon

TuneIn Radio is one of the best addons for Kodi, combining simplicity and features of a full-fledged podcast service. With this Kodi addon, you get access to 100,000 radio stations and more than four million podcasts. The addon has a neat and well-arranged interface with Favorites, Browse, Search and Custom URL options. However, TuneIn Radio Kodi is not available on official repository; you can download it from popular repositories such as Kodil, SuperRepo, etc.

7. Crackle – For Free/Premium TV Shows and Movies

Crackle is a popular TV and movie streaming website with no subscription fees. After Crackle’s acquisition by Sony, the content is going to get much better. Crackle hosts several renowned TV shows and movies featuring famous stars. Crackle Exclusive series has already gained hype amongst TV lovers. This addon is available on the official Kodi repository and can be simply installed from there. Owing to rich content, Crackle is counted in the list of best Kodi movie addons.

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8. ROM Collection Browser – For Playing Retro GamesROM Collection Browser Addon

If you think Kodi is only for movies and radio, then you’re wrong. Rom Collection Browser addon allows you to browse and launch emulator roms and stand-alone games in XMBC. You need to install gaming emulator which can be used to play classic games such as Contra, NFS, etc. This gaming addon for Kodi can be downloaded from the official Kodi repository.

9. NewsON – Best Kodi Addon For NewsNewsOn Kodi addon

NewsON is a popular and old Kodi addon for those who like to watch live news. With this addon, you can stream most of the local TV news station of the United States. The addon is fairly easy to use as you will be presented with a list of US states and you can choose a state to see the local news channels offering live stream. NewsOn Kodi addon can be downloaded from the official Kodi repository.

10. Funimation NOW – Kodi Addon For Anime

If you’re a fan of anime, Funimation NOW is one of the best Kodi addons that you must download. You can find popular english dubbed anime tv shows and movies such as “Ghost in the shell,” “Berserk” and “My Hero Academia.” The addon is available on the official Kodi addon and you can simply install it to watch animes on Kodi. You need to sign in with your Funimation account which is paid. However, a trail version is also available for limited days without any charge. Also check out our detailed guide on best Kodi alternatives in 2021.


Kodi was originally designed as an Xbox Media Center or XBMC, but now it is compatible with a large number of platforms. A vast range of Kodi addons is available today to augment its functionalities which can be downloaded from Kodi repositories. This list of latest Kodi addons is currently running well with the latest Kodi version. However, many popular addons such as Covenant, Exodus, Genesis, Velocity, etc., have been taken down due to copyright infringement. This list can provide you with the alternatives you are looking forward to after these popular addons have been discontinued.

Tell us your favorite Kodi addon from the list and keep reading Fossbytes for more useful updates.

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