The Very First Martian Could Be An AI, Suggests Elon Musk

destination mars

Of late, the idea of traveling to Mars has been making headlines and could possibly become a reality in the future. While people are exploring ways to make the voyage a success, we have a new possibility hinting at the first-ever inhabitant on the planet.

Replying to a tweet by a Twitter user questioning the chances of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) as the first resident of Mars, Elon Musk simply wrote 30 percentHowever, we still don’t know what made Musk come up with this percentage and on what grounds.

While the probability of AI being the first Martian remains unknown, the tweet by Elon Musk has definitely ignited the thought as to what exactly this AI product could be.

It is suggested that the AI could be in the form of a robot (rover-like or a stable) for exploring the planet and conducting experiments.

To recall, SpaceX has been trying hard to make the trip to Mars a possibility in near future. However, Musk had stated that the stay on the planet could be a really difficult one and will be a challenge to perform as the chances of death is higher.

Additionally, the trip could cost a lot of money.

We still need to wait for a longer time to make the Mars trip happen. However, each attempt counts.

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