Best SMGs In COD Mobile Season 9

Best Submachine Guns(SMGs) In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

A lot of Call of Duty Mobile players prefer SMGs for the combat in both Battle Royale and Multiple. The primary reason behind that is the best SMGs in COD Mobile are light in weight and offer better control and mobility as compared to assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

However, Call of Duty Mobile is known to introduce several new guns with each update. That’s why, with so many options on the plate, it’s tough for the new players to figure the best SMGs in COD Mobile.

Well, no worries, because in this article, we’re going to talk about the three best SMGs in COD Mobile. Also, we’re going to rank all SMGs in COD Mobile based on four factors, i.e., Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, and Range.

List Of SMGs In Call of Duty Mobile

S.No.SMGDamageAccuracyFire RateRange
6.PP19 Bizon26626552
8.HG 4026596748
10.AGR 55625377537

3 Best SMGs In Call of Duty Mobile

1. Pharo – Best SMG In COD Mobile

Pharo best smg in cod mobile
Pharo in Call of Duty Mobile

There’s no other lethal SMG in COD Mobile, period. Furthermore, Pharo is one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile for close-range combats, then Pharo is incredible in terms of damage and fire rate. This SMG simply shreds in close range. It gives a maximum damage of 34, which is the maximum out of all the best SMGs in COD Mobile Season 9. It also comes with an incredible fire rate of 68, which means you can be both aggressive and defensive with Pharo in your hands.

However, you have to make sure to be fast on your feet and take out your enemies within seconds since the Pharo is a three bullet burst SMG. While the Pharo is a burst SMG, this means a single burst is enough to take down enemy players in multiplayer matches. This trait of Pharo makes it one of the most underrated SMGs in the game, but the Pharo is deadly and one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile in the right hands.

However, if you’re one of those players who prefer automatic SMG over a burst SMG, then maybe Pharo isn’t for you. Also, in Multiplayer, you have to be at level 32 or above to unlock Pharo, whereas, in Battle Royale, the only way to use Pharo is through custom loadout in airdrops.

2. MX9

MX9 COD Mobile
MX9 in Call of Duty Mobile

The MX9 is the latest SMG to be added into COD Mobile, and soon after its induction to the game, the gun is in the race to become the best SMG in COD Mobile. MX9 has damage of whopping 30, but that’s not it; add in a fire rate of 86, and you’ve got yourself a killing machine. The MX9 is one of those SMGs which take seconds to kill enemy players, especially in close range.

If we look at the accuracy that MX9 offers, it might not seem much. However, with the help of the right attachments, players can improve the stats to make the gun more lethal. You might’ve seen many players rocking their custom MX9s in COD Mobile’s multiplayer, and why wouldn’t they? The MX9 is one of the best SMG in COD Mobile.

However, keep in mind that some players might face difficulty handling the MX9, mainly because of the vertical recoil. Since the MX9 boasts a fire rate of 86, the recoil is expected to be high; again, that can be controlled with the right set of attachments. All in all, those who love the MX9 know why the gun is one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile, and those who don’t have a loadout for the MX9 are missing out on one of the best SMG in COD Mobile.

3. GKS

GKS cod mobile
GKS in Call of Duty Mobile

GKS soon became one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile ever since it was introduced in the game. The SMG comes with a decent amount of damage; however, the unique selling point of GKS, which puts this SMG in the number three spot in the list of the best SMGs in COD Mobile, is its accuracy of 62. That’s why, when it comes to short-mid range combats, GKS is an absolute beast with minimal recoil. If Activision ever increased the damage GKS does, then there’s no stopping this gun from topping even the best Assault Rifles, let alone the best SMGs in COD Mobile.

Meanwhile, there’s one SMG which can give the GKS a run for its money in the race to be the best SMGs in COD Mobile; and that is the RUS-79U. GKS and RUS-79U are almost similar when you look at both of their stats. However, the GKS lacks behind when it comes to the fire rate but makes up for its stability and accuracy. Nevertheless, the GKS, being a stable SMG that it is, tops RUS-79U to get a spot in our top three best SMGs in COD Mobile.

Best Submachine Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: Wrapping Up

So, these are the three best submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile for fast-paced combat. The truth is, keeping aside factors such as damage, accuracy, etc., it’s all about your personal preference. If you’re good with a certain SMG in COD Mobile, but it has slightly low damage, then, by all means, stick to that gun. Using a weapon with high stats is of no use if you can’t handle it properly.

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