The Best LMGs In COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare

The Best LMGs In COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare

While playing battle royale games like Call of Duty Mobile, the adrenaline rush of engaging your enemies head-on in close combat is more exciting than anything else. What’s even more thrilling is the empowering feeling you get after wiping off an entire squad in one barrage of bullets. But for such a feat, you need to have the best LMG in COD Mobile loadout.

Light Machine Guns or LMG are pretty useful and one of the most preferred guns in Call of Duty Mobile after assault rifles. There are various machine guns available in the game, and in this article, I will list down their abilities and rank them accordingly. So you can choose the best LMG in COD mobile Season 10 according to your preferences.

List Of Light Machine Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

S.No.LMGDamageAccuracyFire RateRange
1.Holger 2631537160

Note: The attributes of the Light Machine Guns listed above, such as damage and accuracy, are the default ones without any attachments. You can always tweak your LMG with attachments to improve these abilities even further.

How To Select The Best Light Machine Gun (LMG)?

Light Machine Guns in COD Mobile are characterized by their large magazine size. So, these guns can hold from 60 to 100 bullets at once, dealing significant damage with a spray of bullets without having to reload frequently. However, there is a tradeoff with larger magazine holding LMGs. The large mag increases the weight of the gun and hence dcrease the gun’s mobility. Also, LMGs in COD Mobile have less accuracy, however, the best LMGs in COD Mobile are useful in medium range combat.

So, the idea here to select the best LMG in COD Mobile having a balanced mag size, mobility, and accuracy. Because as far as damage is concerned, most of the LMGs in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Nightmare have similar damage, except for M4LMG.

3 Best LMGs In COD Mobile

1. Holger 26

Holger best LMG COD Mobile
Holger 26 in Call of Duty Mobile

In COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare, the best LMG to play with is the Holger 26. The USP of Holger 26 is it versatility, this LMG can be customized into various forms, providing the best options of multiple scenarios. Moreover, in comparison to other best LMGs in COD Mobile, Holger 26 is comparatively lightweight. In addition, throw in lightweight perks and attachments, and what you get is hands down the best LMG in COD Mobile, topping the likes of M4LMG, RPD, and Hades.

The base stats of the LMG in Call of Duty Mobile might not seem like much on paper; however, with the right attachments, this LMG is a complete game changer, dominating over assault rifles and SMGs alike. The Holger 26 has a damage of 31, with an accuracy of 53, and range of 60. Meanwhile, its the fire rate where the Holger shines as the best LMG in COD Mobile, with an astonishing fire rate of 71, which is in the high tier list as compared to other best LMGs in COD Mobile.

2. M4LMG

M4LMG in Call of Duty Mobile

As mentioned above, M4LMG is the only LMG with the highest damage, along with pretty balanced accuracy, fire rate, and range of 32, 61, 63, and 58, respectively. These scores are neither the highest nor the lowest in this category, making M4LMG one of the best LMGs in COD Mobile.

While testing the M4LMG in battle royale mode, it delivered damage of 31 when aimed at the head. On the other hand, a burst of shots at the body easily damaged between 25-29HP, depending on the hit/miss ratio. Talking about downsides and what makes M4LMG the second best LMG in COD Mobile is the powerful vertical recoil, though that can be reduced with the help of the right attachments.

However, the most significant caveat is that you won’t find one of the best LMGs in COD Mobile, the M4LMG just lying around anywhere on the map. So your best option is to keep a customized M4LMG in your arsenal that can be obtained from airdrops. On the other hand, if you plan to use M4LMG in multiplayer mode, I highly suggest that you use attachments and ‘lightweight’ perk to increase mobility, or else you’d be moving like a slug, becoming easy prey.

3. RPD

RPD in Call of Duty Mobile

Moving on to the third-best LMG in COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare, we have RPD. let’s focus on what RPD has to offer if you choose to charge ahead with this gun.

First of all, RPD is one of the commonly found LMGs in the COD Mobile map. It offers a high damage rate of 31 and the same accuracy of 61 as M4LMG. However, the LMG lacks behind the best LMG in COD Mobile in terms of fire rate, which is 66 for this LMG. In addition, if you’re keen on using an LMG with a big ammo box in COD Mobile, then the RPD is best suited for you.

However, all these advantages come with a high tradeoff in mobility. RPD has pretty low mobility of 49 in comparison to the first two weapons. That’s precisely the reason why RPD is placed lower on the list of best LMGs in COD mobile. So if you are playing with RPD, make sure you have a strategy to overcome the low mobility, or it won’t be long before you get killed.

Best LMGs In COD Mobile: Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of this article. I hope the best LMGs in COD Mobile mentioned here will help you select your weapon of choice in the game. Also, please bear in mind that these rankings are just an indicator of what might increase your chances of winning. They don’t guarantee your win altogether, as other factors also influence the gameplay, overall time played with a weapon, among other factors. Moreover, do tell us which is the best LMG in COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare, according to you, in the comment box below!

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