5 Best Free Running Apps To Track Your Progress [2022]

best running apps

Whether a beginner or a veteran runner, these best running apps can help you get the best results. To get the proper results by running, you must set some goals, stick to a training program, and improve your overall time. Thankfully, many running apps can help you through this, even if you are a beginner.

Technology has come a long way; now, it can even help us stay fit through these apps. However, there are countless running apps out there. We have made it easier by picking the best running apps for you. Most of these apps will also work with smartwatches to track performance metrics.

You can also check out some of the best fitness and meditation apps for Android users.

Best running apps in 2022



Stava is the most popular running app; we have even included it in our best workout apps article. It is specifically made for runners, cyclists, and even fast walking. In addition to running, it can track over 30 sports such as hiking, rowing, cross-training, swimming, and yoga.

What makes this app different is the community features that come with it. Users can compare times and runs with other members and participate in group challenges. The app even lets you share your location with friends and family to keep you safe.

Some of its features are limited to the paid version, but it is still a great app to monitor progress.


  • Great for veteran runners
  • Gives performance analytics
  • Community-focused


  • Some features are limited to the paid version
  • Complicated for beginners

Download Strava: Android, iOS



Runkeeper is well known as one of the market’s best tried and tested running apps. The app has a wide array of features and is very easy to use, even for beginners. Runkeeper has features like GPS tracking, pre-created routes, and personalized training routines.

Advanced users will find the app pretty helpful as it can track biking and fitness walking. The app can also sync with other apps and devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Wear OS. It also records metrics such as pace, distance, total exercise time, and calories burned.


  • Suitable for beginners and advanced users
  • Set goals
  • Track progress


  • Training plans are only available with a subscription

Download Runkeeper: Android, iOS

Nike Run Club


Nike Run Club is a fantastic all-in-one app that is completely free. It offers audio-guided runs, coaching, and personalized plans for all users. Additionally, If you are an Apple Watch owner, this is the perfect app. As a running app, it offers deep customization like setting your terrain or tracking your pace, distance, calories burned, and time.

There are also weekly and monthly distance Challenges to keep runners motivated. In terms of additional features, it has GPS tracking, a music player, and social networking. It is hard to believe such a great app is available for free.


  • Guided runs
  • Completely free
  • Personalized plans


  • Not available on other smartwatches

Download Nike Run Club: Android, iOS

MapMyRun by Under Armour 


MapMyRun is another well-known running app that has been around for some time. The app has many features like audio coaching, route finding, and statistical analysis. Since its debut, the app has added many tracking and quality of life features that make it relevant to this day. Users can also track nutrition, heart rate, and fitness statistics by linking to compatible fitness trackers.

The app is available on many fitness devices such as Apple Watch, Wear OS, Garmin, Fitbit, and more. It will even let you know when you should buy new shoes. You can also connect Under Armour shoes to the app via Bluetooth to sync your running data. Under Armour also has separate apps for cycling, walking, and general fitness if you want to check them out.


  • Available on many smartwatches
  • Good running routes


  • Training plans not included in the free version

Download MapMyRun: Android, iOS

Adidas Running App by Runtastic


Adidas Running App, formerly known as Runtastic, is a great tool for many competitive runners. The app is versatile, with many different features and tracking for over 120 activities. The app can link to Google Earth for easy route mapping and offers training runs, stats, and pre-race information.

It even comes with training schedules so that beginners can use it productively. Additionally, it can even sync with Spotify and Pandora if you like to run with music. You can sync it with other apps such as MyFitnessPal and numerous fitness devices.


  • Great stat tracker
  • Sync music apps


  • Training features not in the free version

Download Adidas Running: Android, iOS

Best running apps (Honorable mentions)

In addition to the aforementioned apps, there are many others running apps you can use. One such app is Charity Miles which donates money for every mile you run to the charity of your choice. Another app is Zombies, Run! that turns your daily run into a survival game.

Many more apps are unique, just like the ones mentioned in this list. We hope that you were able to find the one for you.

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