Ultra-Ever Dry: The Magical Coating That Deflects Water, Oil, And More

ultra-ever dry coating

For us, the magnitude of the word “magical” is such that we avoid using it trivially. This particular adjective only sees the light of day when the subject at hand truly seems out of this world. Speaking of which, here’s a magical coating, called Ultra-Ever Dry, that you can apply on objects to keep them safe from water, oil, and other liquids.

The Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (highly water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) coating created by UltraTech International. You can apply it on a number of surfaces to keep them dry, clean, and unadulterated.

No doubt a versatile protective layer that keeps things tidy and intact sounds kind of incredible. So, here’s a video showing the magical coating in action. See it for yourself.

Ultra-Ever Dry: How does it protect surfaces?

Ultra-Ever Dry employs a proprietary technology in its coating which, when applied on something, changes the surface chemistry and texture of the object to form geometric patterns. Throughout these patterns, there are “peaks” which repel a wide variety of liquids. Moreover, this magic coating is abrasion-resistant and adhesion-resistant which means it doesn’t come off easily once applied.

Besides saving things from getting wet, Ultra-Ever Dry counters the process of corrosion by blocking atmospheric moisture, acids, bases, etc. Additionally, it prevents the formation of ice by keeping an object dry. Not just that, it also reduces the chances of contamination by acting as a barrier against bacteria and radiation. Consequently, this level of protection results in extending the durability of target objects.

The aforementioned features make this magical coating a very useful commodity in various industries that involve working in adverse conditions. For instance, construction workers can use it to keep their tools mud-free so as to use them without any hassle.

However, despite its application in a variety of fields, this coating isn’t suitable for every kind of surface. It shouldn’t be applied on glass surfaces as it tends to affect their transparency. Therefore, applying it on windows or car windshields is a strict no-no.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Ultra-Ever Dry is an impressive product that can penetrate many industries with time. Sound off your thoughts about this magic coating in the comments below. Also, if similar topics interest you, then check out our articles on a 3D pen that can draw anything in mid-air and a bike that can run on water.

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