‘Batgirl’ Gets A Secret “Funeral Screenings” On Warner Bros. Lot

Image: Warnerbros.

The unexpected cancelation of the upcoming Batgirl film for HBO Max surprised both Hollywood figures and fans. Despite having completed principal photography in late March, Warner Bros. Discovery canceled the DCEU project that was in the midst of post-production.

Batgirl, donned by Grace as Barbara Gordon, was directed by Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah. It was based on a screenplay by Birds of Prey and The Flash writer Christina Hodson. The movie was supposed to examine the young heroine’s origin story as she became the new protector of Gotham City if the HBO Max original movie had been released.

Batgirl gets a secret “funeral screening”

As August comes to an end, Warner Bros. Discovery remains committed to not releasing Batgirl on HBO Max or in theatres. According to THR, a few lucky people will be able to witness the canceled DC product this week. Insiders are apparently getting to view the Batgirl film, with one source describing it as “funeral screenings.”

People who worked on Batgirl, such as the cast and crew, will be able to witness the final cut. However, this will be the one and last time before Batgirl is put away, never to be released in digital or physical media again.

So far, no one from Warner Bros. Discovery has come forward to confirm or deny the allegation concerning Batgirl‘s “funeral screenings.” However, it would not be surprising if screenings were held, at least for everyone involved with Batgirl. By all accounts, the Batgirl team was a hardworking lot, and they deserve the chance to see what they created.

Because the film was still in post-production, it is unlikely to be a finished edit. Even so, it is considerably more than most people will be able to view, making these screenings bittersweet. Hopefully, this will provide closure for the Batgirl cast and crew members that attend.

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