Skytorrents: A New Torrent Website That Shows No Ads And Respects Your Privacy

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Short Bytes: Skytorrents is a relatively newer player in the torrent world. The website promises to deliver an ad-free torrenting experience along with the focus on privacy. The overall website looks clean and uses the spam detection algorithms to scan all listed torrents.
Apart from tons of free content that violate copyrights, what’s the other thing that’s common in most of the torrent websites? Yes, some of you guessed it right. These sites depend on the online advertisement for their revenue and operation. Often, we also become the target to malicious popups.

In such situations, if a torrent website promises to serve the users by keeping itself ad-free and promising to respect the privacy of users, it’s bound to get the attention of the public. Skytorrents is one such website that appeared on the scene a few months ago.

Talking to TorrentFreak, Skytorrents operator said that the website will never place any ads. “The site will remain ad-free or it will shut down. When our funds dry up, we will go for donations.”

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On the privacy front, the Skytorrents users won’t have to create any account. The website doesn’t use JavaScript at all. As further measures, use of any CDN, cookies, moderators, etc. is avoided.

Also, there’s a separate tool for confirming genuine torrents. The website operator says that about 99.99% torrents are genuine.

TF writes that at the moment 12,645,486 torrents are listed, and it’s continuously expanding. It’ll be interesting to see if Skytorrents operators will be able to keep their promise of an ad-free and privacy-focused website in future.

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