Apple Watch Series 8 Launched, And It’s A Carbon Copy Of Series 7

apple watch series 8
Image: Apple.

Apple has finally launched the much-awaited iPhone 14 in today’s event, and alongside that, the giant has also launched its next-generation wearable device, the Apple Watch Series 8. Here’s everything new in the latest Apple Watch and how it compares to the previous generation.

Lots of previous rumors suggested a design revamp and lots of new hardware features, but have they all made it to the Series 8? Read more to find out.

Apple Watch Series 8 Specifications

apple watch series 8 specs
DesignSimilar to Series 7’s
PerformanceApple S8 SoC
ColorsRed, Silver, Midnight, and Starlight, Silver (metal finish), and Gold (metal finish)
Battery18-hour battery life without Low Power Mode
36-hour battery life with Low Power Mode
Software featuresTemperature tracker, menstrual cycle tracker, heart rate monitoring, fall detection, crash detection
OSwatchOS 9
PricingStarts at $399 (GPS variant) and $499 (Cellular variant)

Let’s get the design part out of the way first. A few months ago, rumors suggested that Series 8 would embrace a more symmetrical and flattering design language compared to Series 7’s curved design. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Apple has retained 7’s design on the Series 8 while bumping the screen dimensions to 1.99-inches from 1.91 inches on the Series 7.

That said, don’t expect huge upgrades in performance as Apple has only ever slightly tweaked its “latest” S8 custom SoC. Series 8 will perform similarly to Series 7.

What’s intriguing is the addition of a Temperature sensor, which Samsung also included this year in its Watch 5 and 5 Pro, and new software features like car crash detection, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes detection, menstrual cycle tracker, and more in the latest watchOS 9.

Should you buy the Series 8 over Series 7?

Not if you already own a Series 7. All the new watchOS 9 software features will arrive on the Series 7 too, and the temperature sensor isn’t that big of a deal, at least to most people. S8 performs similarly to S7 or even S6; hence, it’s not worth upgrading to Series 8 if you already own Series 7 or even 6. However, if you own a Series 3 or 4, Series 8 is a great upgrade. If you really want to upgrade, you should look out for the next Apple Watch, which will supposedly arrive with a “new and powerful” processor.

What are your thoughts on Series 8? Let us know in the comments section below.

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