Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Might Feature M2 Chip

Ming-Chi Kuo Says Apple AR/MR Shipments Will Cross 10 Million Units By 2025
Image: Patently Apple

Apple’s AR/VR headsets are touted to be the company’s next big product, and it is surrounded by immense hype. The product’s release is also edging closer. New details about it are beginning to emerge as Bloomberg revealed in its latest report that the gadget would feature the new M2 processor in the base variant with a 16 GB RAM.

If the headset idea wasn’t exciting enough, the new details add another factor to it, which has the enthusiast on their feet.

Apple MR headset with M2 chip

The M2 Apple MR headset is expected to debut in January 2023. With the inclusion of an M2 chip and 16 RAM, it falls in the high-end product category with a lot of performance power. Although the current information states that the mixed reality headset will resemble the current VR headsets, instead of completely immersing you in the VR world, it will offer cameras.

With a switch flip, you can see the world without taking it off. The latest report contradicts Ming-Chi Kuo (industry analyst), who revealed that the device would contain a dual-processor setup containing a single chip which will be similar in capabilities to M1 with a less powerful secondary processor, which processes data from various sensors inside the device.

The new report doesn’t point to a dual-chip design, but it doesn’t deny it either. The reports also show that if it does come with M2 and 16GB RAM combination, it will be an expensive device. A MacBook with similar specs will cost around $1400.

Considering the new components in the mixed reality headsets, we can assume a $2000+ price tag. Apple is also expected to follow up with a similar second device which looks like regular glasses but will feature less powerful hardware and only offer AR capabilities.

Apple has been capturing patent after patent related to this headset. While patents don’t always end up as products, the popularity of AR and VR is assurance enough for Apple to want a slice of the pie.

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